Jarrett On El Patron's World Championship Status Following GFW Suspension

During the GFW media conference call on Wednesday, Jeff Jarrett spoke about the GFW World Championship status of Alberto El Patron following his recent suspension from the company.

Raj Giri of WrestlingInc.com asked Jarrett about the situation earlier this week.

“The decisions obviously… again I want to be as transparent because it’s the world we live in. I’m totally on board with this,” said Jarrett. “I’ve got five kids and, you know, communication is the key to any relationship whether it’s personal or business or whatever. So to communicate with you folks who are taking the time out of your day to jump on this call. It’s an ongoing investigation — sounds so legal but it goes a lot further than legal.”

Jarrett continued, “At this time, that situation has not been addressed as it directly relates to the belt because it’s far from the most important in my opinion.”

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Regarding being the man who has to make the decision, Jarrett says it comes with the territory in terms of the position he’s in as part of GFW management.

“I’ve been blessed to be put in this position [at GFW],” Jarrett said. “I truly want to make the best decision, not only for everyone in administration and production and talent, all of our production folks… when you group that entire group, it’s well over 200 people that depend on a paycheck from this organization.”

“It’s been an unfortunate situation,” Jarrett added. “We take any legal matter but also any personal matter. It’s obviously a legal matter as well as a personal matter. We take it very seriously.”