Jay Lethal Praises Dalton Castle, Compares Himself To His Last ROH World Title Run & Talks Winning The Title

New Ring Of Honor World Champion, Jay Lethal recently spoke with ROH’s YouTube channel regarding his title win and how he feels about Dalton Castle.

How he feels about Dalton Castle:

“Whether you love Dalton Castle or you hate him or he just wasn’t your cup of tea, one thing you cannot take away from him, he stands among the elite who have had the Ring OF Honor Championship. Just think about some of the people who have held it, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, some of the top, best wrestlers in the world, the elite of the elite and Dalton Castle is on that list. I admire and I like Dalton Castle, he is the kind of guy who doesn’t care what people think about him, I respect that.”

Winning the ROH World Championship:

“I showed up with nothing planned, wrestlers we come in and see who is wrestling who and my name was not on the board so I was going to take a free day, I thought about the goal I set myself, I had gone back and beaten everyone who had beat me. I thought instead of a day off I will go and address the fans and let them know I am done with my list and that there was one thing left and then whilst I was out there I thought I might as well let Dalton Castle know. I came in with nothing to do and I am leaving as the Ring Of Honor World Champion, it’s unreal.”

Differences between now and previous World Title run:

“The biggest difference would be what I stood for when I won the first time I didn’t mind bragging, I was maybe a little overconfident but I could back it up. I maybe had a few people in my ear helping me be the way but now it’s not overconfidence I just understand and am confident in my abilities, that would be the biggest comparison.”

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