Jesse Sorensen's MRI Results, Luger/Sting Note, Daniels Interview, Funk/Brisco

-Lex Luger’s new autobiography, “Wrestling With The Devil,” will be released on Tuesday. The forward for the book is written by Luger’s long time friend and fellow wrestler, Steve Borden, aka “Sting.”

-Recently released TNA Impact Wrestling star Jesse Sorensen posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account on Monday updating fans on the status of his neck. Sorensen wrote, “Just received amazing news from the MRI my neck is 100% & is not at risk of being re injured! Time to make this dream really come true!” reader Marc Kruskol from MJK Public Relations sent along the following:

Christopher Daniels was interviewed by Greg Bicouvaris / “Sports Scene” on 1490 AM and in Virginia Beach, VA. You can listen here (at 41:40): reader Dory Funk sent along the following:

On the set of !BANG! TV, Dory Funk Jr. and Jerry Brisco pull out the Record Book to help decide, “Who is the best team in professional wrestling, The Funks or the Briscos?”

The record book includes famous matches from around the world including St. Louis, Greensboro North Carolina, Japan, Puerto Rico, Tampa Florida, Oklahoma and The Great State of Texas.

Both agree Funk vs Brisco were the hottest brother combination in wrestling but the conversation turns competitive regarding, “Who is Best.”

Watch Dory Funk and Jerry Brisco “Who is Best?” below:

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