Jesse Ventura Compares America To Nazi Germany, Might Run for President


Jesse Ventura did an interview this week with Chris Yandek of, which can be read here in its entirety. The former Governor of Minnesota talked mostly about politics and was colorful (as always) with this thoughts on where the country is headed.

When asked his thoughts on the United States’ two-party system of government and if there ever would be a dominant third party in this country, Ventura compared our political environment to Nazi Germany. “Since 9/11, we’ve been following a philosophy that number one you’re convinced that we’re under attack and number two you denounce the pacifists for being unpatriotic and you denounce them for supposedly putting the country in danger,” said Ventura. “Where Thomas Jefferson said, one of his most famous quotes, he talked about was that dissension was the greatest form of patriotism. Yet we’re told that dissension – you’re unpatriotic. Now the first words that I spoke, who did those words come from? The fact that it’s easy to take a country to war? All you have to do is convince them they’re under attack, denounce the pacifists for being unpatriotic, and then denounce the country for putting them in a dangerous position.” He added, “I find it very disturbing when my country is following the philosophy of Nazis.”

Ventura added that he’s keeping the door open on a 2012 Presidential run, “I just always leave the opening there because I am not a soothsayer. I cannot predict the future. Therefore I really don’t know what my mindset will be or what the situation will be four years from now, but I’ve learned in my 57 years on the planet that you never shut the door to anything.”

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