Jim Ross Blog: Unusual Lesnar Drug Test Situation, Unanswered Draft Questions

On Sunday evening, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross posted his latest blog at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some of the highlights from his latest entry.

On the unanswered questions we have as fans after the first week of TV following the latest WWE brand extension:

“Patience…too many fans are figuratively knocking themselves out with self imposed knee jerks over the first airings of RAW and Smackdown Live following the WWE Draft. This function of the brand separation is a process and will take time to refine and sort out. Patience is a virtue and some pro wresting fans seemingly aren’t overly virtuous.


“I assume that we fans will receive new info regarding the two brands this week on TV as it relates to many unanswered questions that could not and likely should not have been addressed last week. I’m always in favor of new info being distributed conservatively and being made to mean more rather than overloading me with too much new data which can make things seem less important than it should be.”

On Brock Lesnar’s failed UFC drug tests not affecting his WWE return:

“WWE Wellness Policy being applicable to full time talents only. I have no issues with this philosophy as it is daunting to test part timers who are not in the every day rotation of the roster. WWE’s drug testing program is by far the best within the genre and it strikes me odd that other company’s who either rarely test their talents or don’t do it all are seldom questioned on this matter simply because ‘they can’t afford it.’

“Wouldn’t the wellness of one’s athletes be a vital part of doing business?”

Many critics of this matter have no idea what Lesnar’s contact states nor the full understanding of the Wellness Policy in general. Please do not construe this as me eluding to the fact that I enough PED usage even in an entertainment entity. I don’t. Talents don’t need them but the narcissistic nature of many pro wrestlers always will rear its ugly head when it comes to how they look and the short cuts some talents take to achieve an unnatural appearance.”

On TNA raising Bobby Lashley’s appearance fee, resulting in an appearance of his being cancelled:

“Saw where TNA wants to charge promoters $6K for Bobby Lashley to appear at selected events which eliminates the vast majority of promoters from consideration. This is a classic case of negotiating a talent out of extra paydays when they are not booked. I’m in favor of keeping talents busy and earning new money. Asking $6K per appearance, if that is accurate, essentially discourages promoters from booking a great talent like Bobby Lashley therefore prohibiting him from earning extra money at these smaller budgeted events. “

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