Jim Ross Talks About Staying In Touch With His Fans, His One-Man Show

The following are highlights of a new Jim Ross interview:

On staying in touch with his fans through his podcast and website: “There’s no topic we won’t address, as long as it’s handled respectfully. It’s a great way to stay engaged with the fans and I don’t have to be on the road 50 weeks a year to do that.”

On his one-man show: “No two shows are the same. Some want to hear about my time in Mid-South, while others want to know about ‘The Attitude Era’ in WWE while others want the inside scoop on WCW. It gives me a chance to go back and look at matches I called in each city and be ready for anything. These shows help fill a void and are a lot of fun.”

On his future: “Everyone thinks I just walked away from WWE. But it takes two to make a deal. You never say never in this business. If the right deal is there, I’ll hear what anyone has to say. But right now, I’m really enjoying what I’m doing and can’t wait to meet the fans in Baltimore.”

Check out the complete interview at ABC2News.com.

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