Jim Ross Talks Whether Or Not Chris Benoit Should Go In WWE Hall Of Fame

As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross spoke with the folks at Hannibal TV to promote his one-man stage shows, “An Evening With Jim Ross” during WrestleMania Week in Orlando, Florida this past weekend.

In addition to the highlights we posted over the weekend, “Good Ole’ J.R.” also touched on the hot-button issue of Chris Benoit and the WWE Hall Of Fame.

“Chris Benoit, I don’t think he’ll ever get in,” Ross said. “I don’t think Chris Benoit should get in, and I’m okay with my opinion. If you differ I respect that. I was the guy that hired Chris Benoit.”

JR continued, “Nothing Chris Benoit does wasn’t right there that wasn’t already with him. If there was a line to him, wherever he is, you say, ‘Hey should you be inducted into the Hall Of Fame?’ Who do you want to induct you? I think he’d say it’ll create too much publicity, it’ll take the importance off of everybody else who’s going in, it’s gonna be the talk of the town, the WWE is inducting into the Hall Of Fame a murderer and suicide victim. That’s the story.”

From there, Ross shared some of his feelings regarding the media in general, and “spins” or focal points that journalists use to draw attention to their various articles, shows, etc.

“You guys know how the media are,” said Ross. “That’ll be the story. Can you imagine him going in with The Rock? All of a sudden let’s forget about The Rock, it’s about that murderer guy. So that’s what I think. His talents, skill, accomplishments in the ring match a Hall Of Fame career. Absolutely. But I think he took all those opportunities away with the last 24 hours or so of his life.”

Check out the Jim Ross interview excerpt at YouTube.com or via the video player embedded above.