Jinny On Becoming A Pro Wrestler, The UK Women’s Wrestling Scene & Future Goals

One of the UK’s top up and coming female wrestlers, Jinny, was recently interviewed by The Mirror, where she discussed becoming a wrestler and the UK’s women’s wrestling scene. Below are some highlights of the interview:

Becoming A Professional Wrestler

“Initially I wanted to train when I was 18, I had that stuck in my head. However, when I turned 18 I didn’t know much about the UK scene and it wasn’t as big as it is now. Plus you couldn’t just hop on the internet like you can now. I had done some research though and at the time OVW [Ohio Valley Wrestling] was the WWE development company and so I contacted them and said I was interested. We spoke and they explained that they were based in Kentucky in the States and I had my heart set on going to the States.

“That didn’t happen and I went to uni and stuff. Then I was working as a contractor after uni, but the thought of being a wrestler was still niggling away at me. So I then looked around, this time with the benefit of having social media and contacted about five schools. One of them was PROGRESS and they got back to me and told me about the classes and stuff. I had initially spoken to them in December 2013 but didn’t actually go to train with them until February 22, 2014.”

The UK Women’s Wrestling Scene

“You have always had good amazing talents. Girls like Kay Lee Ray and Viper already in the industry, making waves before the push (by WWE). People associate it, but there have always been amazing, talented girls. I do feel that it helps to retrain audiences minds to accept women’s wrestling though.”

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“This year I am really focused on getting back into the ring [Jinny is currently recovering from surgery after breaking her right hand defending her Rev Pro women’s title at RevPro High Stakes on January 20]. I must admit I just really am enjoying what I am doing at the moment. I want to be in a position that when opportunities come up, I will work hard and prove myself to get them. I definitely want to work more York Hall shows, I would also love to work at Wembley Arena for PROGRESS and take that PROGRESS women’s title.”

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The Mirror