John Cena Talks Hosting 2016 ESPYs, Success Outside Of WWE & More

WWE Superstar John Cena recently spoke with ABC News to promote his gig as the host of the 2016 ESPY Awards. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On hosting the 2016 ESPY Awards:

“It’s going to be different. It’s not really my style to go into this and just trash everybody. That’s not the way I do business. I hope that’s not the way it works out. I appreciate these athletes and I know they are heroes to many people, including myself, and it’s not like I’m going to go in there trying to be too cool for school and try to be way smarter than the room. I’m going in there as appreciative of the athletes as everyone watching the show. I’m sure you’ll see good times and humor done as good as it can be, but most of it will be bouncing off of me.”

On turning 40 and his success outside the wrestling business:

“My goals don’t change. It’s the same thing when I started in 2002, it’s to get the mainstream audience a better perception of what WWE does. I am so passionate about what we do and I’m so quick to promote the WWE as a brand because I’m so loyal and passionate about it and I want everybody else to feel the same way.

“There are so many people that don’t watch our product at all and have preconceived notions about who our performers are and what they do, and my goal next month or five years from now is to change that perception. There are some very talented individuals that perform for our brand. I think our brand of entertainment is up there with anything as far as live experience. I want people to know that. It’s not uncool to do what we do.”

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