John Cena Wins His 100th Match Of The Year, Tammy Sytch Weighs In On AJ

– John Cena’s victory over Big Show in a Steel Cage Match at Saturday’s WWE SuperShow in Tucson, Arizona marks as his 100th of the year. He only needed 108 matches to achieve the milestone (he has lost four matches and four more matches resulted in a draw or no contest).

Other WWE Superstars with outstanding records are Brodus Clay and Ryback. The Funkasaurus has won 78 times and lost only once (to Big Show on the June 25 Raw). Ryback has garnered 52 victories and suffered one loss (to Alex Riley on January 21 at a WWE SuperShow in Fargo, North Dakota).

Daniel Bryan has competed in the most matches thus far in 2012 with 113. His record stands at 35 wins, 74 losses and 4 draws/no contest results.

– Amid negative online reaction to having her underwear gratuitously dislodged during a recent independent wrestling show, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch wrote on Facebook that it’s unfair she’s getting ripped when AJ is “sucking face” on Raw. She wrote, “AJ (whoever that is) sucked face with 2 men a few days ago on worldwide TV. totally trumpted what I did.. and I STILL GET CRITICIZED.”

Sytch then clarified to her friends that she has no “heat” with the WWE Diva—she just doesn’t know who she is: “I didnt take a shot at AJ…I dont watch wrestling…any wrestling…so I honestly didnt know who she was. Once in a blue moon I’ll flip passed it on TV and I happened to see that angle…and didnt know who she was. thats all. period. no harm in not knowing. I dont know who half the guys on that roster are.”

Sytch then posted a message complementing AJ: “If they are willing to finally give a chick a spot like that, with all the air time (like they did with me) more power to her. From what I saw, which was very little, she has her character down pat… and I love her facials. dont know where she came from, but she was either taught right, or just has it. I was never taught anything, it would just come naturally. If that is her case, fantabulous!”

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