John Cena's New WWE Studios Movie "The Reunion" Getting Terrible Reviews

The first reviews are coming in for the new John Cena movie “The Reunion” – and it’s looking pretty ugly for the latest offering from WWE Studios.

The Hollywood Reporter calls The Reunion a “lame action-comedy” that’s best suited for late night cable television, when viewers are half asleep and zoned out. They suggest that Cena, who already has a few movies under his belt (The Marine, 12 Rounds), is probably best off spending his time in the wrestling ring and not on the movie set. From the Hollywood Reporter review:

“Latest effort from WWE Studios is pinned to the mat.”

“There’s one thing to be said about WWE Studios — they’re consistent. Every one of their movies designed to showcase their stable of popular wrestling stars has been a critical and commercial disaster. The latest example is The Reunion, a lame action-comedy that seems ready made for undiscerning late-night cable viewing. This John Cena starrer receiving a token theatrical release provides further evidence that perhaps films are not the company’s forte.”

“But mainly the proceedings revolve around the expected action sequences, leavened by attempts at comedy, that fall flat in both areas. Needless to say, Cena is an imposing physical specimen, but after this and such previous efforts as 12 Rounds and The Marine it may be time for him to concentrate on the ring.”

Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel’s Roger Moore has reviewed WWE Studios’ The Reunion with John Cena and has some negative things to say about WWE’s latest effort. Moore gave the movie one star (out of 4) and had the following to say:

“Now Mike Pavone’s last picture for WWE comes out, “The Reunion,” a split personality action comedy that fails to please either impulse. The action is wan, the laughs hard to come by. They spent the money, as they often did under Pavone, on surrounding a wrestling star with decent actors (Amy Smart, Ethan Embry, Michael Rispoli). But an incoherent script gives them too little to do.”

“Wrestler John Cena has become a comfortable screen presence, within a certain range. He’s OK as a cop on disciplinary leave forced to form a sort of bounty hunters business with his siblings in order for them all to receive an inheritance.”

“Coming at the end of a string of flops, “The Reunion” makes one wonder about the motives and business model for this whole enterprise.”

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