Johnny Mundo On Insulting Reigns, Mysterio, Lucha Underground & More

The Kevin Gill Show recently interviewed Johnny Mundo about Lucha Underground. Mundo spoke about a recent insult he made about Roman Reigns, his thoughts on Rey Mysterio and more. Below are some of the highlights.

On a recent insult he made regarding Roman Reigns:

“I did this interview. And I put him over, like he’s a really nice guy and a buddy of mine. They were like how would you like to wrestle him? And I kind of said off the cuff, a little jokingly and a little seriously I’d love to wrestle him in ten years after he’s learned to work. Did I mean that? I just made the comment to bust his balls a little bit.”

On the success of Lucha Underground

“Any pro wrestler will say the more promotions that have successful TV shows, the better. The more places to work as a pro wrestler, the better. Ultimately pro wrestling really comes down to what transpires between pro wrestlers and the fans. And the more opportunities, the more canvases, the more outlets, the better.”

On Rey Mysterio:

“I can’t say enough good things about Rey. He’s somebody that’s possibly the most popular Luchador of all time. When you’re in Mexico with Rey Mysterio, it’s like walking around in England with The Beatles. Everybody knows who Rey Mysterio is.”

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