Johnny Mundo Talks Rey Mysterio To AAA, His Favorite WrestleMania Match

The following are highlights of a new Johnny Mundo interview:

On his experience at Lucha Underground: “Loving it. It’s a combination of lucha libre mix-in with American style pro wrestling and gridy action films. Three things that I like Action, Wrestling and Storytelling. The roster is like the best roster in the world as far as talent goes and everybody backstage is getting along well for a start up federation and it’s seems to continue to find it’s identity each week. Its exciting to be there, the show are great and continuing to improve and the roster is coming to it’s own and we’re continuing to define what Lucha Underground is each week!”

On his thoughts about Rey Mysterio joining AAA and possibly joining Lucha Underground: “I hope he comes to Lucha Underground for selfish reasons because I want to wrestle him. Rey is at a point in his career where he’s done everything and the next thing Rey does is going to be because he wants to do it and hopefully it is with Lucha Underground. I loved hanging out with him and wrestling him and the fans do as well so I think that would be really rad.”

On Alberto El Patron: “I had a bunch of matches with him when we were in WWE, but a lot of them were short tv matches. I’m really looking forward to having a ppv style produced match with him. He’s super talented and super nice guy. Had alot of fun with him on some Florida tours. When he and I get in the ring together we’re going to show what we can do.”

On his former tag team partner Joey Mercury being part of major storylines in the WWE right now: “Couldn’t be happier for him. When I was watching him in the ring with Jon Stewart the other night I was falling out laughing it was awesome. I couldn’t be happier for Joey that guy eat, sleeps and breathes wrestling. He was a genius in psychology when I met him 12 years ago and he’s been improving his game ever since then.”

On who he had the most chemistry in the ring with during his time in WWE: “CM Punk, The Miz, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler”

On his favorite WrestleMania Match: “WrestleMania 24’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match absolutely for the fact that it was first time I had a spotlight on myself on such a grand stage, but also getting to be in the ring with such incredible talent in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, so yea that’s the one for me.”

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