JR: RAW Anniversary, Hogan's Savage Comment, The Rock No-Showing, More

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official web site. Below are the highlights:

– Indeed the Raw 15th Anniversary show was like a family reunion of sorts, perhaps a little dysfunctional, and it was great catching up with the “alums” and hearing what they were doing these days. Trish, Lita, and Sunny all looked super and would easily fit fight back into the WWE Diva mix if that was a direction they chose to travel. However, after one has been off the road for a while the challenges of travel often time dissuade one from returning to the biz at least full time. Travel is hell these days.

– The WWE has plenty of material for a Fabulous Freebird DVD but one would assume that it would be after the World Class DVD that is currently and runs its course. If you haven’t checked out that particular release I certainly encourage you to do so.

– I honestly think that Hulk was simply having some fun at Macho Man’s expense with Hogan’s ad lib during Hulk’s promo on Raw in Bridgeport. From what I can ascertain, there is no love lost between Hulk and Randy….or at least that is what most of us are lead to believe. The ad lib came from nowhere and means nothing substantial to the best of my knowledge. However, it seems to have served its purpose as lots of folks seem to be talking about it…..BROTHER!!

– Obviously you think that the Rock should have been on the Raw Anniversary show but unfortunately he was unable to attend. Several invited individuals were unable or unwilling to attend. As I see it that is there call and we had a lot of fun with those that did attend. I am not a Rock basher nor do I think he owes the wrestling business anything. From communicating with him as I do on a semi regular basis I do know that wrestling is in his blood and that he keeps up as best he can with what is going on but his schedule is overwhelming right now as he is striking while the iron is hot with his movie career. I am proud of his success and feel his contributions to wrestling will stand on their own merit and as most fans do I hold out hope that we will see the “Great One” on a future WWE project.

– I thought the Ladder Match was the highlight of the Anniversary Raw. You are right in that the Tag Title win by Holly and Rhodes was essentially forgotten after it occurred as the show continued to roll on with other business.

– Several folks pointed out that HBK and The Rock had been in the ring together with HBK officiating a HHH-Rock bout which I had forgotten. My original point was I did not recall HBK wrestling The Rock but I appreciate so many of you commenting on them “being in the ring together.” Rock vs. HBK would be a match I would love to see but it will never happen except perhaps in a video game.

– Glad you enjoyed Raw in Bridgeport in person. Helluva live show it would seem to me. As best I know RVD’s surprise appearance was a “one off” and I know of no plans on Rob returning full time at this time anyway. Who knows down the road? Backlund is always a welcome sight and he only lives a few minutes from Bridgeport. Bob had been a stalwart WWE competitor as the company’s top guy for many, many years. Younger fans who never saw the serious side of Backlund the wrestler should not confuse him with his Mr. Backlund persona.

– Interesting fact from my friend and wrestling historian Dennis Brent who is a former magazine publisher in World Class, WCW and the WWE and who may become more involved in our site in the near future…..Mike Rotundo aka IRS who won then eliminated himself in the battle royal on the Anniversary Raw was also the winner of the first match ever on the very first Clash of Champions broadcast on TBS. Rotundo beat Jimmy Garvin on March 27, 1988 in Greensboro on the night that Flair and Sting had a 45 minute draw. There were, as best we can figure, 6 people at the Anniversary Raw that appeared on the first Clash…Rotundo, Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and yours truly. For the record, that first Clash had only 5 matches.

– Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bobby Heenan who recently underwent jaw surgery as a result of his cancer treatments of some time ago. I have always said that Heenan and Jim Cornette were the two best ringside managers I ever saw perform and I am sticking with that story. Bobby was one of my first true friends in the WWE when I originally came there from WCW and was considered by many WWE insiders as “the enemy”. Bobby’s amazing wit and uncanny timing has never been replicated and there is no one on the horizon who is remotely close to “The Brain’s” abilities. God Bless you Bobby and get well soon my friend.

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