Kendrick Sent to Hospital, Roman Fined $5000, Bucks Wrestle Santa

Brian Kendrick returned to Monday Night Raw last night and had a match against 205 Live’s newest star, Hideo Itami. Kendrick lost the match to Itami via a devastating GTS, but some fans quickly noticed that Kendrick may have taken the move a little bit too convincingly for it to be kayfabe. Indeed, PWInsider was able to verify that Kendrick was hurt by the GTS and he was taken to a hospital after Raw to see if he had been seriously injured. There is no official word on the current status of Kendrick’s potential injury, but the way that he landed during the move could suggest that Kendrick could have had his nose seriously fractured after landing on Itami’s knee.
On last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns put his Intercontinental Championship on the line in a match against Samoa Joe. The match ended in chaos as referee John Cone called off the match after Reigns refused to stop his onslaught on Joe. Back in October, WWE announced that Alicia Fox had been fined an undisclosed amount of money for shoving a referee during a backstage segment. Similarly, WWE has confirmed that Roman Reigns has been fined $5,000 for putting his hands on Cone. Reigns reacted to the news by posting a brief message on Twitter. What a horrible and inconvenient way for Reigns to spend his Christmas.

Worth every penny.
No time to worry…
Tonight I’m in NYC at #WWEMSG #WitnessMe
— Roman Reigns (@WWERomanReigns) December 26, 2017

The Young Bucks have certainly managed to have a tremendous year for themselves in 2017. The team participated in numerous great matches, fought at the largest Ring of Honor show in history this year, and the team are also helping Cody Rhodes with his planned ‘All In’ event in 2018. Sure, the brothers have superkicked just about everybody, but now Santa Claus himself can be added to the list. A new video posted by the brothers shows Santa insulting the brothers with phrases that WWE has prohibited them from using and other insults. They even ended the scuffle with another one of their controversial multi-man dropkick spots.

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