Kurt Angle Says Fight With Couture Is Signed, Didn't Watch WM24 & Much More

Source: KHTK 1140AM (Sacramento)

Kurt Angle was a guest this week on the Showgram, hosted by Jim Kozimor and Henry Turner on KHTK Sports 1140AM in Sacramento, California.

— Angle did not watch WrestleMania 24 but he is glad Ric Flair was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and respects Flair for all he has done and accomplished.

— Angle said he believes TNA will be in a ratings war with the WWE within two to three years, much like it was during the late-’90s when it was WWE and WCW. He said TNA has come a long way in five years and has gone further than the WWE did in their first five years.

— Angle said TNA has been great to him. They’re very flexible and supportive in allowing him to try different things such as movies, TV shows and training for an MMA fight with Randy Couture in the fall.

— Angle said he and Couture have both signed with a promotion but won’t say who. Angle said they will be looking for more promoters to help make the event something big and special. Angle said the fight would more than likely take place in California but did not mention a city.

— Angle is training twice per week and will intensify his training program as the fight gets closer

— Angle said his neck is 100 percent and is glad he didn’t do the fusion surgery.

— Angle said he talked to UFC’s Dana White two weeks after signing with TNA. Angle said White would only sign him to a deal if he didn’t wrestle for TNA. Angle said he couldn’t do it and wanted to be loyal to TNA as TNA was flexible and supportive in other ventures Angle wanted to pursue.

— Angle said he would fight Brock Lesner, but only if the money was right as they are very good friends.

— Angle said that Sting told him after one of their matches that Sting said Angle was the best wrestler he has ever faced.

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