Live Notes From Sunday's TNA Hard Justice Pay-Per-View In Trenton, New Jersey

Thanks to Michael Reeg for the following:

i was in attendance last night for Hard Justice, which was a spectacular show as far as the live crowd was concerned. i wont give a match by match review, but over all the crowd was jacked all night! TNA was smart enough to only sell tickets to half the arena. they split up the arena so that one side of the ring had all fans, and the other side had all empty seats. i presume they only shot the cameras towards the side where the fans were sitting, to make the illusion that there was a full arena, but it was actually only half full. even then, there were plenty of empty seats. i bought a ticket all the way in the back, but was able to move up almost onto the floor. i must say, however, TNA was able to get everybody jacked for the PPV as there was plenty of TNA! moments, a few THIS IS AWESOME! moments, and one or two HOLY SHIT! moments!

there was no dark match.

petey williams vs consequences creed was an excellent opener, had non stop TNA! TNA! moments. the jersey crowd loves consequences creed.

Taylor Wilde got almost no reaction from the crowd.

LAX losing the titles was pretty disappointing actually. they are an awesome tag team and should not be split up. Hernandez power bombing Homocide over the top rope and onto Beer Money was probably the spot of the night! absolutley insane!!

there did seem to be some disappointment with the Samoa Joe vs Booker T match. it wasnt all that it was hyped up to be. lots of heat for both Joe and Booker T, which is i suppose why they didnt seem to into it. same with Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt. we chanted boring during that match. we also chanted “FIRE RUSSO” during this match as well!

the New Jersey street fight was awesome, and sparked a classic E C DUB! chant. i couldnt believe we were doing it, but sense 3 of the 4 participants were in the originial ECW, it was only fitting that new jersey showed there respect during an awesome hardcore brawl. lots of heat for the lack of tables, however.

also, the AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle match was interesting as half the crowd was cheering for AJ and the other half was for Kurt. so there was plenty of chanting and screaming during this one. probably the best match of the night. and Sting attacking AJ Styles seemed to confuse us more then anything, but it got plenty of heat.

Biggest Cheers-
AJ Styles
Kurt Angle
Consequences Creed

Biggest Heat-
Booker T
Samoa Joe (suprisingly)

overall, i had a great time and it was an awesome PPV!! it felt like an old school ECW show, and i would def go to another TNA live show.