Maguire story further contradicted by taxi driver statement

The driver of the minibus that picked up Harry Maguire and his group in Mykonos has contradicted further points of the Manchester United captain’s story.

Maguire has spoken publicly for the first time about the night he was arrested by Greek police and later convicted forĀ repeated bodily harm, attempted bribery, violence against public employees and insult, with those counts later ‘nullified’ and a retrial ordered that could take years to make it to court.

A Greek lawyer tore aspects of Maguire’s story apart in the aftermath, in particular the claim that the centre-half did not realise the minibus that picked him and his party up to take them back to their villa had instead stopped outside a police station.

“I would urge all people to have a look at Mykonos police station,” saidĀ Ioannis Paradissis. “It is clearly obvious what this place is either during the day or night.

“There are many police cars parked outside it at night, there is a sign stating that it is a police station and there are officers coming in and outside of the building. The only way you would not be able tell if it was not a police station is if you are very drunk.

“But clearly, he was not that drunk, because according to him he was able to fight off a group of men who he thought were kidnappers and try and escape. If he had the clarity of mind to do that then obviously, he would have also been able to see that the minibus had pulled up outside a police station.”

Xristos Atridis, a driver for the Mykonos Jet Black upmarket concierge company, further contradicted that part of Maguire’s claim in a police statement ‘disclosed to MailOnline‘.

Atridis claims he was late in picking up the group but saw two men who ‘tried to calm things down’ as a row broke out, announcing themselves to be undercover police officers.

An unidentified member of Maguire’s cohort then pushed one of the two officers, which is when more plain clothes policemen arrived and requested that Atridis take everyone to Mykonos police station.

Atridis did so but notes that two passengers then jumped out and tried to escape, adding that ‘he did not see them attacking police officers or being attacked by them’.


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