Major Heat On Rey Mysterio, Bad Referee Error On RAW, Neidhart-Rehab

– A major error occurred on Monday’s RAW. Chris Jericho was supposed to defeat Big Show by count out in the Beat the Clock Challenge match, but the referee messed up the count. While Jericho was going to win by 1 second, the plan all along was for Daniel Bryan to win the series and challenge CM Punk for the WWE Title.

– As noted several months ago here on the website, Jim Neidhart had a hearing on April 12th and was sent to jail, where he has remained since then. Neidhart will soon be heading to the Salvation Army in Tampa, FL for a substance abuse in-house rehab program.

– As you can imagine, there is major heat on Rey Mysterio right now for his latest Wellness Policy violation. People are in disbelief that Mysterio is getting paid big money to sit at home while recovering from his latest injury – yet he reportedly came up positive for a narcotic drug.

Some people think that Kevin Nash’s recent tweet about a friend being released from WWE was referencing Rey Mysterio, but at this time, there has been no official announcement about him being released. He is currently serving a 60 day suspension and will be cleared to return to the ring at the end of May.

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