Mark Henry Urges Fans To Respect Goldberg

During the latest Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall Of Famer, Mark Henry gave his thoughts on Bill Goldberg and the fan response he is getting online.

“So Roman Reigns goes and does business. When will be the next time you see Bill Goldberg? You won’t see him very much because I don’t think that he’s going to work a full workload. […] primarily the whole thing is, we got to respect Bill Goldberg for who he is.”

Mark Henry also spoke about how Goldberg clearly wants to get rid of the memory of his match at Super ShowDown with The Undertaker.

“He [Goldberg] wanted to get that horrible taste out his mouth,” Henry stated. “From having a bad performance. And here he is given substance to the business, and he’s doing exactly what he needed to do to get rid of that. Like people will remember him being involved in a hell of an angle and going out at WrestleMania.”

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Busted Open Radio