Matt Hardy On Best Part About Not Being In WWE, TNA's Future & More

Matt Hardy recently took part in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session to promote his new shoot interview, available at Below are highlights of the “A.M.A.” session and above is a trailer for the new shoot interview.

On the most painful spot he’s ever been involved in: “Probably when my abdomen ripped in half, allowing my intestines to thrust outside of it. Indescribable pain. There’s been too many painful moments throughout my career to truly rank them though.”

On the best thing about no longer working for WWE: “The absolute freedom that it allows me. I make my own schedule. I work when I want to, I take off when I want to. The WWE is the best-an incredible company-but if you’re there full-time, it really consumes your life.”

On if he prefers being in the same company as Jeff, or if he enjoys when he’s allowed to do your his thing: “I love working at the same place as my brother, it’s an added bonus. But yes, sometimes it’s nice to have separation between our wrestling characters, as it’s hard for Matt & Jeff Hardy to be in the same promotion & NOT team as the Hardy Boyz. I love performing as a singles and it helps me highlight what I feel like are strengths of mine that aren’t always on exhibit when Jeff & I team.”

On the most grueling ladder match he has ever been in: “My toughest Ladder Match was the one vs E & C that happened the first night WWE was on TNN. All 4 of us (Me, Jeff, Adam & Jay) were all terribly hurting & physically spent from the Cage Match the night before at Unforgiven. We weren’t supposed to wrestle AT ALL that night, yet ended up in a brutal, long Ladder Match that day. I remember none of us were overly happy with our performance that night–we just weren’t physically able to produce the kind of performance that we wanted to that evening.”

On the current status of TNA: “First off, I love working at TNA right now. The locker room & working environment is great & the freedom that TNA allows it’s wrestlers is unparalleled. What happens with TNA & Dest America in the future? I’m honestly not sure. I hope they continue to work together. If not, they’ll look elsewhere for domestic distribution. Internationally, TNA is doing phenomenal business. I’ll openly admit that TNA is in a rebuilding phase after the Hogan-Bischoff era. There may be bumps in the road, but TNA is not going out of business & will soon be starting another period of growth.”

On if he has ever accidentally wrestled with stuff in the pockets of his cargo wrestling pants: “HA! You are absolutely right, they are handy to wear backstage. Great observation! I always put my hair-tie in my right pocket of my pants before wrestling–that’s a strict ritual of mine. I was one time about to make a coffee & had my match bumped up to be earlier. After taking a superplex, there was packets of Sweet N Low in the ring that I’d never taken out to put in my coffee.”

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