McMahon Murder Mystery, Jackass Status, Amy Weber Resurfaces


As noted before, Smackdown did a 2.4 last week, a bad number, which also had people suggesting they drop the McMahon angle. A lot is riding on both this past week’s Raw rating and the rating for the three-hour Vince funeral show. At last notice, the mystery was not set to be solved on next Monday’s three-hour show, and the fact that Raw this past week did a 4.2 suggests that is not about to change. If the three-hour rating tanks, it could be ended quickly thereafter though.

The ‘Jackass’ angle is still “one hundred percent on” for SummerSlam.

Former WWE Diva Amy Weber will be participating in Nu Wrestling Evolution’s tour of Italy from July 20 through August 5. This will be her first wrestling related appearance since February 2005 when she quit WWE during an overseas tour. Vito and indy women’s wrestler Talia Madison are also scheduled to go on the tour. Visit for more information.

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