Michelle McCool Loses Loser Leaves WWE Match At Extreme Rules, Kharma Debuts

Michelle McCool was written off WWE programming tonight at Extreme Rules as she lost an emotionally-charged Loser Leaves WWE Match to Layla.

After apologizing to the Divas locker room, Layla turned her recent streak of losses around when the Diva Search winner had to fight to stay in WWE. The No-Disqualification, No Count-out Match concluded with Layla countering McCool’s attempt at Faithbreaker with a crucifix pin.

While McCool broke down in tears alone in the ring, the wrestler formerly known as Awesome Kong emerged. Upon entering the ring, Kharma grasped McCool and delivered a implant buster butterfly suplex. Backstage, the Divas echoed concern over Kharma’s debut. Similarly to Hugh Morrus, Kharma switched between maniacal laughter and seriousness.

It is unclear at this time whether McCool is leaving WWE permanently.

See video of Kharma’s debut ->

source: F4WOnline.com