Miles Kane Talks Filming His Music Video With Finn Balor, Possibly Playing At WrestleMania, More

UK rockstar, Miles Kane recently sat down with WhatCulture Wrestling to discuss his love of the sport and his friendship with Finn Balor.

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On why he loves wrestling:

“I think I live for those surprises and twists, even if you know they are not coming for a while when they do come I still get that buzz. I do love NXT at the moment and that last Takeover (War Games), they just keep upping their game, the stuff that they are doing it’s incredible.”

What got him into the sport:

“Probably Ultimate Warrior as a kid we got the videos, I was young but that era with the yellow Intercontinental Belt, that’s something that I liked, it was different. I can’t remember how it came, it must have been on telly but then it started with the figures, the amount of figures I bought, it was like an addiction.”

How he filmed a music video with Finn Balor:

“I can’t remember if he was following me or whatever, I messaged him saying I was big into wrestling and he sent me a screenshot of Inhaler saying I always workout to this tune. That was about five years ago, he’s into music and I am into wrestling and we became friends, he’s a good mate now. We had this idea to do the video and the lad who directed it did a great job. He (Balor) did it, I didn’t think they (WWE) would let him to be honest but they did and it all worked out fantastic. There was loads of back and forth but it finally happened.”

Finally, Miles Kane spoke about the possibility of playing live at WrestleMania, possibly doing guitar for Balor’s entrance:

“We (him and Balor) spoke about this, one day that would be amazing wouldn’t it?”

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