Miz Interview: Working with Maryse, Giving Advice to Other Wrestlers, more

— Thanks to Sportskeeda for sending in this interview with the Miz. Here are some highlights:

Q: You look like you’re having the most fun you’ve ever had in the WWE. Has working with your wife Maryse been a big part of that?

A: Oh 100%, I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had in my career. I get to hang out with my wife every single day. She brings a whole new confidence to myself and to everything that I’m doing.

Q: Do you have any of the younger guys coming up to you asking for advice?

A: It’s a different time to when I first came up in WWE. If someone comes up to me and asks for advice I’ll give it to them, but I’m not really that guy. When people come up to me and ask me to watch their matches and see what they’re doing with their characters I’ll give them the best advice I possibly can, but there are different questions for different people.

Q: You talked a lot about bringing prestige back to the Intercontinental Title. What does that mean to you exactly?

A: It was always my favourite title when I was growing up. The Ultimate Warrior was my favourite and I’d even dress up as him, and it’s one of those things where the IC Title was the title you wanted to have. All my heroes had it including Shawn Michaels and Mr Perfect, and to see what had happened to it made me angry.

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