MLW Fusion Recap: Tag Team Champs Crowned, Simon Gotch PrizeFight

Source: PWInsider’s Richard Trionfo
We see Robert Parker showing The Dirty Blondes their strategy to become the Tag Team Champions.  He tells them to watch out for the Lucha Libre guys and stay on top of things.
We are in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini.

Rich and Tony run through the card and talk about the Battle Riot show in New York in July.
We see Shane Strickland asked about the bounty and we see him attacked from behind by Brody King.
MVP is in the back and he is asked about his match against Maxwell J. Friedman.  MVP says he is a little distracted but he understands that Maxwell comes from money and he is used to writing checks, but he is writing checks his body cannot cash.  He is used to being in a private school, but he is going to reform school.  You are going to want to ask the referee to pull him off Maxwell.  Then he can focus on Sami Callihan.  They do not get along and things can get bloody.
Before the opening match starts, Maxwell J. Friedman has the mic.  He says that you are watching MLW Fusion, but more important, you are watching Maxwell J. Friedman.  Tonight he goes one on one with MVP, the man with a thousand nicknames.  Maxwell says they will add a new nickname tonight, the Jabronin Ronin.

Match Number One:  Maxwell J. Friedman versus MVP
They stare each other down as the bell rings.  Friedman appears to be ready to lock up but Friedman backs into the ropes.  Friedman retreats to the ropes a second time.  MVP with a forearm to the upper back.  MVP with a belly-to-back suplex followed by a suplex and he gets a near fall.  MVP with another near fall but the referee does not count because MVP’s knee is across the throat.
MVP with a kick to try to get Friedman out of the corner.  MVP with an Irish whip but Friedman blocks the Yakuza Kick.  Friedman with a thumb to the eyes when the referee is out of position.  Friedman sends MVP into the ring post and then kicks him in the corner.  Friedman works on the left arm and he applies an arm bar.

We go to commercial.
We are back and Friedman yells at the crowd before choking MVP and being warned by the referee.  Friedman stomps on the arm and then he mocks MVP by trying a Ballin Elbow but MVP gets his knees up.  MVP with an overhead belly-to-belly throw as Friedman charges at him.  MVP with punches and clotheslines.  MVP with a double thrust to the throat followed by a facebuster.
MVP with a slam and it is time for the Ballin Elbow.MVP with a fisherman suplex for a near fall.  MVP sets for the PlayMaker and hits it but Sami Callihan distracts MVP.  MVP with a pescado onto Callihan.  Friedman kicks the ropes as MVP returns to the ring and Friedman gets the three count with his feet on the ropes.
Winner:  Maxwell J. Friedman
We have a video package for the Battle Riot Match.  There will be 40 men in the match and there are No Disqualifications.  Eliminations are by pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope.
The first participants in the match are Jake Hager, Barrington Hughes, Jimmy Yuta, and Pentagon Jr.
Barrington Hughes is in the back and he is asked about the bounty on Shane Strickland.  Barrington asks how would you feel if your friend is being punished for doing his job.  Shane is looking over his shoulder for the next attack.  He says it is not cool or kosher.  He calls Salina de la Renta a bad person.
We go to Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade.  Yuta says they are coming for the Tag Titles.  Cade says as the captain, he will lead them to victory because they are the best duo.
We go to commercial.
Simon Gotch takes the mic before his match and he says it is the challenge so nice, they had to do it twice.  It is time for the Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge.  If you can last five minutes in the ring with him, you will be handsomely rewarded with $250.  Last time, his competitor lasted 41 seconds.  Who has what it takes to take what he’s got.
Match Number Two: Simon Gotch (with Team Filthy) versus Parrow (with Colonel Robert Parker)  in the Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge
Gotch with a running boot to Parrow followed by punches.  Parrow with a shoulder tackle and Gotch goes to the ring.  Gotch hits Parrow from behind while Parrow talks to Lawlor.  Parrow with a punch and he sends Gotch into the pole.  Gotch kicks Parrow in the knee and connects with forearms.  Parrow grabs Gotch by the throat and goes for a choke slam but Gotch with a rollup into a heel hook.  Parrow gets to the ropes.
Lawlor hits Parrow with a bottle and Gotch chokes out Parrow and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner:  Simon Gotch
After the match, The Dirty Blondes make their way to the ring and Team Filthy leaves ringside.
Brody King says that he left Strickland laying lifeless in the parking lot.  If you have the guts to face him in the ring, he will face him and collect the bounty.
Court Bauer is on the phone and he says that he was checking on Shane Strickland.  They are not comfortable sanctioning this match but Shane wants to do the match.  They do not condone it but they will honor his wishes so the match will happen next week.
Colonel Robert Parker is in the ring to introduce the Dirty Blondes.
Match Number Three:  The Dirty Blondes (Michael Patrick and Leo Brien [with Colonel Robert Parker]) versus the Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix [with Salina de la Renta]) versus Team TBD (Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade) in an Elimination Match for the MLW Tag Team Championships
Patrick, Pentagon, and Yuta start things off for their respective teams.  Fenix kicks Yuta and then Cade with a super kick to Fenix.  Brien goes after Pentagon.  Patrick punches Yuta and Brien punches him.  Patrick goes after Cade and then the Dirty Blondes work on Fenix and Pentagon.  Fenix chops Patrick and Brien but Brien stops Fenix.  Pentagon and Cade go after Patrick and Brien. Patrick and Brien with back body drops to Yuta and Cade.  Fenix and Pentagon chop Patrick and Brien.
Pentagon and Fenix kick Brien and Patrick .  Cade and Yuta come off the turnbuckles and are met with super kicks from Fenix and Pentagon.  Pentagon and Fenix are pulled to the floor by Patrick and Brien. Yuta and Cade with planchas onto everyone on the floor.
Patrick comes off the apron with a cannonball onto everyone.
Patrick sends Cade into the ring and Cade with a thrust kick.  Patrick and Brien with a double sprinebuster on Cade but Yuta breaks up the cover.  Brien and Patrick take down Pentagon and Fenix.  Brien with a suplex on Fenix and then on Pentagon.  Patrick with a back senton on Fenix followed by one from Brien for a near fall. 
Cade with a springboard knee to Patrick followed by a kick from Yuta to Brien.  Cade with a tornado DDT.  Yuta with a chin lock on Patrick and Cade with a kick.  Yuta with an elbow drop and Cade with a frog splash on Patrick for the three count.
Dirty Blondes Eliminated
We go to commercial.
We are back and the two remaining teams are in the ring.  Cade chops Fenix and Pentagon.  Pentagon and Fenix with a double super kick.  Pentagon and Fenix Irish whip Yuta towards Cade but Cade with a kick to Fenix and Pentagon.  They crotch Yuta and then hit a double super kick.  Fenix sends Pentagaon into Cade and Yuta in the corner.  We have a double pin for a near fall. 
Cade and Yuta escape power bombs and Cade with a boot and stomp to Pentagon.  Yuta with a sit out power bomb on Pentagon for a near fall.  Fenix Irish whips Cade and he misses a splash into the corner.  Yuta and Cade are sent to the apron but they hit a double enzuigiri on Fenix.  They go up top and hit a double missile drop kick.  Cade sends Fenix into the turnbuckles and Yuta with a German suplex for a near fall.  Cade with a forearm and Pentagon chops back.  Pentagon with a kick and forearms.  Cade with a super kick and he mocks Pentagaon.  Pentagon with a super kick and Slingblade.  Cade with a jumping knee and then Pentagon with a drop kick as Cade goes for a handspring move.  Pentagon gets a near fall.  Yuta kicks Pentagon but Pentagon with an Irish whip and Yuta goes to the apron and he leaps over Pentagon but Pentagon with a knee to the back.  Yuta and Pentagon with standing switches and Pentagon with an elbow.  Yuta with a Samoan driver but Fenix breaks up the cover with a springboard drop kick.  Yuta sends Fenix into the corner but he runs into a boot.  Fenix sends Yuta into the ropes and Fenix with an enzuigiri and head scissors.  Fenix with a Fire Thunder Driver but Cade breaks up the cover.  Fenix with kicks and forearms.  Cade with a knee and torture rack but Fenix lands on his feet.  Cade with a handspring Codebreaker but Pentagon breaks up the cover.
Pentagon is sent to the apron and Cade misses a forearm.  Cade drop kicks Pentagon to the floor and he hits a suicide dive.  Fenix with a drop kick to stop Yuta.  Yuta puts Fenix on the turnbuckles and Cade with a double jump Frankensteiner.  Yuta with the elbow drop from the turnbuckles and Cade with a frog splash but Fenix kicks out.  Yuta holds Fenix for Cade and Cade misses a rolling punch when Fenix moves.  Cade calls Yuta stupid for getting hit.  Fenix with a super kick while Pentagon has Cade up and Pentagon with a Pentagon Driver for a near fall.  Fenix with a kick to Yuta and Pentgaon goes for Fear Factor and Fenix with Lanza to add more impact.  Fenix with a suicide dive onto Cade on the floor as Pentagon gets the three count.
Winners:  Lucha Brothers (new champions)
After the match, Fenix and Pentagon celebrate in the ring.
We go to credits.

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