More Details on Defamation Lawsuit Against Charlotte & Ric Flair

There was a previous news article about Charlotte Flair & Ric Flair being named as defendants in a recent defamation lawsuit filed by Charlotte’s ex-husband Riki Paul Johnson in regards to statements she made in her 2017 book Second Nature. Ric was named as one of the defendants as he co-wrote the book with Charlotte and WWE was also targeted due to the company marketing the book. Johnson also names Brian Shields, who was the editor and helped The Flairs write the book.
Johnson is suing the parties for allegations made in the book, specifically that he was said to be sterile and incapable of fathering any children, which he claims has caused significant distress to his current wife and their three children. He paints a picture of Charlotte as a physical and psychological abuser and claims that he has video footage depicting her as an “out-of-control” aggressor who made “disparaging and racist” remarks towards The African-American Community.
Johnson is said to be seeking $500,000 in actual damages and $5 Million as punitive damages, along with reasonable other attorney fees and other related costs. He is also seeking a temporary injunction against The Defendants to prevent continual harm to his character, which can probably be construed as that he wants the book pulled off the shelves until the legal proceedings play out.

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