More Details On Dolph Ziggler’s New WWE Deal, Why He Was Re-Signed

As we noted last week, via Sports Illustrated, despite teasing his status with WWE after his Clash of Champions walk out, Dolph Ziggler has signed a new WWE contract valued at a reported $1.5 million.

Justin Barrasso, who originally broke the story, has posted an update via SI, and noted that Ziggler’s new deal will contain a downside guarantee of $1 million for The Showoff.

The report furthers Ziggler is a talent who could have easily taken his act to New Japan Pro Wrestling, to potentially wrestle five-star matches with the likes of Okada and Omega, however WWE was willing to over pay Ziggler in order to keep him part of the “WWE machine”, as the company views him as a necessary part of their product.

Ziggler’s previous WWE deal was worth $1 million, giving him a raise of $500,000 with the new deal.

It’s worth noting that following the initial SI report, Dave Meltzer shot down the reported $1.5 million contract number on Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noting that WWE usually “tops everybody off at a million [dollars]”, and “usually the guys at a million are a little higher in the pecking order than Dolph…”. PW’s Mike Killam also spoke with sources who corroborated the reported money amount was inflated.

Source :

Sports Illustrated

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