More Details on What Braun Strowman May Have Actually Said to Karen Jarrett

  • With so many conflicting stories going around regarding the alleged Braun Strowman/Karen Jarrett incident at a Nashville bar, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter continues to state that the encounter as he described it did happen with Strowman eventually begging Karen not to tell on him to Kurt Angle.

  • According to the latest report, the issue blew up when Strowman responded to Karen’s request for an autograph for her son with “F*** your son.” Further reports have denied the severity of the incident, including Karen herself trying to downplay the whole thing but the Observer states that their sources continue to stand by the original report.

  • Finally, Meltzer added that he was “shocked” that neither of the parties came out with a flat-out public denial as “that’s how these things are usually handled.”