More On Idol Stevens' Release, Vince's Illegitimate Daughter, New WWE Magazine

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— The release of Aaron “Idol” Stevens came as a bit of a surprise to several people, especially considering that it seemed like he was on the brink of getting called back up to the main roster. Stevens had apparently been told that he was being brought back up to the main roster and was flown to Raw on Monday. However, the tables turned on Stevens and at some point on Monday afternoon he was given his release from the company. Still no word yet on what caused his release. He was OVW champion earlier this year, and had worked the OVW Six Flags show this past Friday. It is unknown as to how long he was under contract to them, but he had been working with WWE in some capacity since 2002 when he impressed officials with his work as an enhancement wrestler on various episodes of Sunday Night Heat.

— In the May/June 2003, there were plans for a storyline in which Vince McMahon would have an illegitimate daughter. The storyline came really close to happening as they had the person for the role and they even flew her to several SmackDown tapings with the intent of debuting her on television. However, things would always change at the last minute and WWE never pulled the trigger on the storyline. The person they had in mind for the role was a blonde women’s wrestler in Ohio Valley Wrestling by the name of Nikita Fink. She never made it to the big show as she was released in March 2004. She’s now doing monster truck racing like Madusa.

— WWE has released a new program magazine that features pictures and profiles of everyone in WWE. The magazine features the updated rosters from the WWE Draft Lottery. The printing of magazine was delayed for a few weeks due to the sudden roster reshuffling, not to mention the Chris Benoit tragedy. The magazine is available at live events and should be available at soon.

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