NBCUniversal “Stunned” At Losing SD, FOX Was Hoping To Land RAW

NBCUniversal was said to be “stunned” at losing SmackDown as they never imagined that the bidding for WWE’s “B” show would ever reach the levels that it did, let alone $200 million annually, which was only reached because there were multiple suitors vying for SmackDown.
Due to their ratings situation, the decision was made that USA Network could not lose RAW and so they used their contractual right to match any offer as a way to keep the show, whereas FOX had hoped to nab RAW and put it on its main network on Monday nights. When NBCUniversal declined to match SmackDown at the $200 million range, the show entered the open market and FOX went all-in after not being able to acquire RAW.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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