Neville explains what Man Utd star is ‘best’ at in Europe

Gary Neville has explained what Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani is “the best” at in Europe.

Cavani struck twice late on for Manchester United as they came from behind to beat Southampton 3-2 on Monday.

The Uruguayan was one of our main winners of the week and has acclimatised to England excellently since joining as a free agent in the summer.

He might even be one of the best players to debut in the Premier League past the age of 30. Neville certainly believes he’s “the best” at something.

Analysing his first strike, Neville told Sky Sports: “It’s interesting pointing out on this goal. Cavani starts there, he’s one of the best and has been for years. We played against him with England, making that run in and around the near post. He does it all the time.

“He’s always there, making that movement across defenders. It comes out to the edge of the box and Fernandes, and Manchester United have got four players in this area, but the one on the move is the goalscorer – the one with the instinct.

“At this point, you’re thinking it’s game on, and he really fancied it.”

For the second goal, Neville added: “As this ball went wide yesterday, and I’m on the gantry, Cavani’s always going to go in there. You can’t believe Southampton, two or three players who could’ve dealt with that, they haven’t gone body to body, man to man, managed his run and as he runs in there, I think he’s one of the very best at that.

“Bamford does it very well, I’m not putting them in the same level; Cavani’s been at the top for the last five or six years, but you can tell teams that have got strikers that do that.

“Sir Alex Ferguson used to say it all the time. The striker must get across the near post to take the first defender away, who likes to cement themselves at the near post, but also to affect the goalkeeper. He’s the best at it.”


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