New Report Suggests Brock Lesnar Will Leave WWE After WrestleMania, When Does Heyman’s Contract Expire?

As we noted yesterday, WWE announced Paul Heyman will be producing and starring in a new TV show through his Looking 4 Larry production company, and the deal will see the production company partner up with Roy Bank’s Banca Studio to develop and produce unscripted content on several different platforms.

The Wrap has since published more details on the new deal, and notes that after WrestleMania 34, Brock Lesnar will likely be leaving WWE. The report adds Paul Heyman’s contract with WWE will expire around the same time as Lesnar is leaving, which will allow Heyman to concentrate all his efforts on the new TV project.

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The first TV show project starring Heyman is expected to be a talk-show style program, and utilize Heyman in somewhat of a late night TV show host format.

“Against my strenuous objection, Roy Bank has decided our first collaborative project will be centered around me,” Heyman told The Wrap. “I have come to the educated conclusion Roy has made this decision based on a desire when pitching from the networks that we learn how to deal with rejection.”

Source :

The Wrap

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