News on Becky Lynch’s Heel Turn, Road Dogg Responds To Criticism

When Becky Lynch turned on SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair after SummerSlam, it appeared at first to be something that WWE envisioned and that they were going to roll on with. However, on Smackdown it became clear that WWE wanted Becky to be a heel, forcing that by having her insult the crowd.
With the company now committed to a Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair program and Charlotte as the face, there is a very real possibility that the audience will continue to cheer Becky and as such, there is a risk that Charlotte Flair could become the female version of Roman Reigns who the fans will boo, according to a recent article in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
On Twitter, a fan questioned WWE forcing a heel turn on Becky Lynch, suggesting that everything that has happened on TV ultimately portrays Lynch as a face. WWE’s Brian “Road Dogg” James, who is one of the company’s creative writers on Smackdown, responded with:

Becky Lynch is finally being given a push and people are fighting against it because it’s not how they would’ve booked it. SMH.
The heel promo she cut on #SDLive was better than all the jokey stuff she’s been given as a face and 10x more fresh than another Charlotte heel run.
— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) August 22, 2018

AMEN ????
— Brian G. James (@WWERoadDogg) August 22, 2018

Are you seriously gonna slober up to Ryan Satin of all people to pretend this is a good idea. Being made a heel just to lose to Charlotte is not a push. Especially not when you’re the most popular female on the roster.
— Ali Khan (@LahoriLawyer) August 23, 2018

I agree with Ryan on this one mate. We’ve disagreed before and I’m sure we will again. If I lose a chess game with my best friend, then beat him up because I lost, am I in the right?
— Brian G. James (@WWERoadDogg) August 23, 2018

But the story we’ve been told is, Becky has had to fight and struggle to earn an opportunity at the title. Charlotte was just handed an opportunity and took the moment away from her best friend. Becky is right and justified in everything she says and is no way the bad person.
— Joshua Roberts (@JoshuaRoberts9) August 23, 2018

That’s not the story you were told, that’s the story you wanted to hear. She had to do the exact same thing as Charlotte did, beat Carmella! They both climbed the exact same mountain ?
— Brian G. James (@WWERoadDogg) August 23, 2018

Debatable. Charlotte came back and only had to beat Carmella. Becky had to beat the entire women’s division. It comes across that Charlotte had an easier mountain to climb…Just so you know, I think SD has been amazing for months. Just feel real strongly on this Becky situation
— Joshua Roberts (@JoshuaRoberts9) August 23, 2018

This!! This is the story people are seeing. If it’s not the story you wanted people to see you need to work on your storytelling. Becky had to put herself on a win streak to get her match with Carmella. Carmella pissed off Paige for Charlotte to get her match.
— hawaii girl dayno (@beckylinzz) August 23, 2018

After this series of tweets, several other fans jumped on his response basically disagreeing with him that they didn’t “climb the same mountain” and the entire thread pretty much blew up.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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