News on Current Plans for Next Year’s Dual Branded MITB PPV

It was previously reported that WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV has now become a dual branded  PPV and with Money in the Bank now being billed as a major show and being part of the “big four” due to the PPV having talent from both brands, the expectation is that there will likely be two MITB matches and possibly as many as four.
It remains unclear whether that would mean separate MITB Matches for RAW and SmackDown or whether all the talent will be combined into one MITB Match for men and another one for women. While nothing has been decided at the moment, the talk has been to have dual branded matches and perhaps even a third match which will have the tag teams compete in.
Another issue that hasn’t been decided upon is whether Money in the Bank, which is being held in Chicago next year, will be a four-day affair. Which is similar to what is happening with other major PPVs lately to have NXT, the MITB PPV itself, RAW and SmackDown in the same city and in the same venue.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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