Notes on Bischoff/Prichard debate

By Stephen Lyon

I was going to send this anyway but the comments of Shawn Michaels on Nash’s legacy (Nash being personally & apparently solely responsible for guaranteed money deals) during the HOF induction speech brought it to forefront of my mind.

I went to the Bischoff vs Pritchard debate last night before the NXT show. It didn’t draw well at all, due to the bad start time (5pm) and going head to head with ROH and other shows. There was around 40 people there. It’s a shame as I found it pretty interesting, at least from the perspective of getting thoughts, opinions and recollections from 2 key decision. I went into it with my BS detection meter on full and kind of expected the worst but was pleasantly surprised. It was kind of cool in a way with less people as it seemed more intimate. Of course, with these things, there can be a lot of questionable things said, but to me, both guys seemed fairly honest and candid about their successes and shortcomings. When Bischoff was asked about what his legacy was, he was humble and didn’t want to make some major claim. Pritchard and moderator Al Snow brought up that Bischoff was the one  who forced WWE to start offering guaranteed money, due to his own hiring practices with Nash and Hall. There was a bit of a discussion as to who was the first WWE guy to get guaranteed money, with Bischoff claiming it was Mero and Pritchard saying it was Vader. In another funny coincidence, Bischoff also brought up the WWF formerly policy of a guarantee of 10 dates a month at $100 an appearance. This was the same thing Nash brought up tonight.

I just thought it was kind of funny in hindsight, with Michaels comments tonight.

Other notes were Bischoff stated Savage was signed by WCW in 1994 for less money than Savage had been earning with WWF, specifically because he wanted to wrestle more.

On the Nick Patrick regular count controversy during the Starrcade 1997 main event, Bischoff strongly hinted he suspected Hogan collusion & influence (without saying Hogan’s name) on Patrick and that the screw may have been deliberate & politically motivated.

On whether a wrestlers union could ever be formed, Snow was hesitant at first, giving the view of a wrestler, then said it would be a negative as it would remove free will. Both Bischoff & Pritchard said it would be a huge negative, as the extra costs to the promotion involved would be passed on to the fans.

Sonny Onoo was also there (now with grey hair).

Both Bischoff & Pritchard were very personable and friendly with the small group of fans there, willing to answer any questions.

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