'Now or Never': Congress Flooded With Calls to Stop TPP on National Day of Action

A coalition of labor, environmental, civil rights groups and other progressive organizations with millions of members around the country united on Wednesday for a national call-in day to Congress to stop a potential lame-duck vote on the unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

#StopTPP Tweets

“Despite widespread public opposition to the TPP, the big business interests that helped write the TPP are now pushing extremely hard to have a vote on it during the ‘lame duck’ session of Congress after the election,” said (pdf) the Communications Workers of America.

“That’s why it’s critical that our Members of Congress hear from us loud and clear—that they must oppose TPP during the lame duck session,” the union added.

“We must not make it easier for corporate America to ship jobs to countries where desperate workers make pennies an hour,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at a Tuesday news conference regarding the national day of action. “We feel confident that we speak for a strong majority of the people in this country who are urging Congress to say ‘no’ to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”


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