NWA Carnyland premiere recap: History lessons, stories and more

This was a new 30 minutes show NWA debuted on YouTube Tuesday night which featured no matches but produced video segments and wrestlers doing video segments from home. The company didn’t even know how to explain it in some of the promotion for the show Tuesday.

Eddie Kingston opened the show with a positive promo to the fans, talking about how he didn’t wrestle for the money, but for his legacy because they all love wrestling at the NWA. He promised everyone would be back and stronger than ever, and this pandemic wasn’t going to keep them down.

Joe Galli welcomed us saying that he was just a citizen of Carnyland. The voice of Stu Bennett then cut Galli off and said he was everywhere in Carnyland, because he’s the narrator. He then made Galli disappear. This was goofy but funny.

True Carnyland Stories

We heard the voice Nick Aldis who began to tell us a story. He agreed to a booking and decided to drive out, showing up at the hotel but without a reservation. He does the match, goes home, and leaves the hotel. He gets a call from the owner saying that he was left without paying. The cops pulled him over as he was driving and it turned out that the promoter didn’t actually book the hotel and hoped Aldis would be left with the bill.

Carnyland College: Cliché Promo 101

Allysin Kay told us how a cliché promo worked. This was quite funny and we learned that next week was Go Away Heat 101.

– Galli, lying on a couch, said he hated that Stu could make him disappear whenever he wanted and that he didn’t like slipping into a void, especially as he always wants to talk to the citizens of Carnyland.

– Eli Drake talked about how he lost many jobs due to his mouth, but they actually just gave him his own show called The Eli Drake Show on Carnyland. He said he was done and that was it, so send him questions. Okay.

Tim Storm’s Carnyland History Lesson

Storm talked about Benjamin Franklin, the things he invented, and whatnot. I wasn’t aware that he wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac, so I learned something new, but I did learn the rest in my Canadian and North American history classes. Apparently, he wrote about flatulence and alcohol. This was entertaining. Storm suggests that Franklin was the founding father of Carnyland, rather than the United States. I buy it.

– David Marquez introduced the “Carny Translator” which was trying to poke fun at carny promoters and wrestlers. I didn’t laugh, but I was amused.

– Jocephus had a segment about “How to be a Champion” — his book with empty pages, because he hasn’t won a championship yet. I liked this.

– Aldis talked about how he was going to have a show called “What’s Causin’ Aldis?” on Carnyland next week where he was going to talk to other wrestlers and friends about the business and their less than successful early careers.

– Galli was back and talked about how there was going to be a series of other shows on Carnyland so there is new content until they can return to shows. Galli promised he was doing an interview with Billy Corgan and David Lagana and that he was going to ask them hard questions.

Mongrovia Unmasked

Aron Stevens talked about the geography of Mongrovia and how it can only been seen instead of properly explained. He and Question Mark talked about Questionable Bay and the Mong Mountains, including Mt. St. Question, and that the mountain is so high it can’t be measured. I loved this even though it was utterly ridiculous.

Entice Zicky Dice

This was a very 80s style segment. Zicky introduced Fiona and she didn’t know what this was. He gave her the chance to entice him, and she wanted the free t-shirt she was promised. Zicky talked about how he was dating her, and if she could bring one person on a date, who would it be? She said her great aunt which was apparently the wrong answer. This segment was funny, but it would have been so much better on the TV show as a break between the wrestling. She asked if Zicky was married and he said, “I’m engaged! KAYFABE! KAYFABE!” which was funny.

They included a link to a Patreon to try and support them during this time and announced five different shows:

Mondays: What’s Causin Aldis?
Tuesdays: Carnyland
Wednesdays: Inside the NWA
Thursdays: The Eli Drake Show
Fridays: Girl Powerrr

And that was it for the first episode of Carnyland. I am not 100% about this one, but at least it’s something they are trying to keep the NWA name in our minds.