Paige Gets Non-PG Tattoo Done During Weekend, Hides It During PPV

Last Saturday, WWE Superstar Paige visited Orlando Tattoo Artist Earl Funk and had a Non-PG theme tattoo done. Tattoo Artist Earl Funk then took to his Instagram and revealed the Tattoo he did for Paige. It was a “Talk s–t, Get Bit” Tattoo. As you might imagine, this Non-PG Tattoo led to a lot of heat from fans on social media.
Last night at the Elimination Chamber PPV Event, Paige briefly appeared backstage to accompany Absolution members Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match. Paige then stopped on the stage and quickly returned to the backstage area as Rose and Deville marched to the ring. Based on photos from social media, it appears that Paige used makeup to hide the ink while working for WWE.
It also appears that Paige used some sort of filter to hide the ink during an Instagram post she made earlier in the day while traveling to Las Vegas from Orlando for the PPV. For months now, Paige’s WWE in-ring status has been up in the air due to her health but she has remained on TV as the leader of Absolution with Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville. You can see Paige’s Tattoo below as well as her post and other social media posts:



TALK SHIT GET BIT! Did a little tattoo on @realpaigewwe tonight! Good times #realpaigewwe #paigewwe #realpaigewwetattoo #realpaige #tattoo #tattoos #tattooedwrestler #orlandotattooartist #orlandotattoo #orlandotattoostudio #wwedivas #totaldivas #totaldivastattoo #paigesnewtattoo
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Paige had to make up her hands to cover her new tattoos.
— Pepe (@__PepeL) February 25, 2018


You can see the tattoo still their people idiots it’s not fake @RealPaigeWWE
— FueledByAngel ? (@angelstookey) February 26, 2018


@RealPaigeWWE getting a new tattoo.cant wait to meet her one day????
— k.j (@Rampaiger18) February 25, 2018



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