PJ Black Discusses His Time On Lucha Underground & If He Would Open A Training School

PJ Black recently spoke with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling where he reflected on his time with Lucha Underground and how unique it was.

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 “Totally, it was very different and that is what’s cool about it, because it wasn’t so much a wrestling show, it was a TV show about wrestling, and that’s what made it different. The vignettes, the backstage stuff was very cinematic, very movie like. That’s what made it fun and I’ve been to a few WrestleManias but I promise you, The Temple, that was the most electrifying crowd I’ve ever worked in front of and if I can ever choose to ever go back anywhere, it’ll be there man but it was super fun. I wish it lasted a little bit longer but, it was a great chapter in my life for sure.”

PJ also spoke about life after wrestling and whether or not he would be interested in opening his own wrestling school in South Africa.

“I think about this all the time and if you follow the current storylines, I’ve kind of taken a rookie under my wing — Brian Johnson [Future of Honor] and I’m mentoring him. Teaching him everything I’ve learned and that’s also a reason why I wanna open schools in South Africa because there’s a lot of young kids there who need just a little bit of guidance and I wanna teach them what I’ve learned so they can also make a living in professional wrestling, but in the same breath, I still feel good, my body feels good, I feel young. I feel like I’m very creative. I got some new stuff in the works too so, I’m gonna keep doing this until my body gives out but I definitely wanna give back in the future to the younger generation.”

H/T to Andrew Thompson for sending the transcriptions.

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