Possible Greatest Royal Rumble Winner, Ebersol League News, Elias

The Greatest Royal Rumble is shaping up to be a huge event that will be taking place in Saudi Arabia not long after WrestleMania comes to an end. In addition to seven titles matches being confirmed for the show, the event will also be broadcasted on the WWE Network and it will also feature a 50-man Royal Rumble match. With the news of Daniel Bryan being cleared to return to the ring, the latest Wrestling Observer Radio show has revealed that he is currently a major favorite to win what will be the biggest Royal Rumble match in history taking place on April 27th. Fans have wanted to see Bryan win the Royal Rumble match for years now. Will he be able to score big win fresh off of getting cleared to return to the ring?
Vince McMahon shocked the entire nation earlier this year when he announced that he will be relaunching the XFL in 2020. It was equally surprising when the brand new Alliance of American Football League was announced to air in 2019 by the Ebersol family. As intriguing as it is to learn that McMahon’s longtime friends will now be competing against his football league, it is apparently a move that McMahon was fully aware of. Cageside Seats has reported that McMahon decided to announce the revival of the XFL earlier this year even though he did not have a ton of details to confirm for the league’s revival specifically because he wanted to announce the XFL’s return before the Ebersol’s announced their own football league.
One of the biggest rising stars on the Raw roster at the moment is definitely Elias. Fans have been captivated by “The Drifter” and his weekly concerts with each passing week, which is why it is interesting to note that he still does not have a match confirmed for WrestleMania as of right now. While speaking with Sky Sports, Elias himself proposed not having a match at the event, but instead competing in a sing-off. For the competition, Elias picked himself a worthy opponent when he called out “The People’s Champ” himself, The Rock, to face him at the show. During the interview, Elias boldly stated, “If The Rock wants to Walk With Elias then he’s more than welcome to.” WrestleMania will be taking place on April 8th.