Rajah.com Mailbag is Back

The Rajah.com Mailbag is returning in the near future with new questions, new answers and a new contributor (along with an old face or two).

If you are not a long-time visitor of rajah.com, you’ll probably have no idea what the “Mailbag” is or was. For the sake of brevity, it was one of the most popular features we had going and one where readers would send in their wrestling and site-related questions and we would answer them to the best of our knowledge.

We’re hoping to re-launch the section later this month with new editions posted every weekend. If you want to send in a question, send an email to mailbag@rajah.com or use the contact form HERE (and please select MAILBAG from the drop down).

If you want to browse through the previous 65 editions of the mailbag or if you want to read it to make fun of us or see how I possibly may have made a fool of myself, you can find the link below.

DISCLAIMER: Those pages were made starting in 1998 or so and are likely going to come close to making some of you blind. You have been warned that what follows is not pretty!!

Rajah.com Mailbag Archives