Raw Rating, WWE & TNA Video Game News, Recap Of HHH On Jimmy Fallon

— The August 10th edition of WWE Raw drew a 3.8 cable rating, up from last week’s 3.55. The hourly numbers were 3.6 and 4.0.

— Earlier this year, Midway Games, the developer of TNA Wrestling’s video game franchise, went bankrupt. Most of Midway’s assets were acquired by Warner Brothers for $33 million, but the San Diego studio responsible for the TNA iMPACT! game was left behind. SignOnSanDeigo.com reports that game developer THQ has purchased Midway San Diego for a cheap $200,000 and will use the studio’s motion capture technology to enhance its WWE and UFC games. “As the leading publisher of fighting video games, we saw this as a good opportunity to strengthen our team dedicated to this important and growing business,” said Julie MacMeden, vice president of corporate communications at THQ. “We also liked the team’s successful history of developing arcade-style wrestling games.”

– Triple H appeared on NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night. They showed an old clip of Jimmy talking about how if they ever had Triple H on the show they would have him rise up from the floor with smoke machines going off. The live band played Triple H’s music and out he came. Fellow guest Ashton Kutcher says his dog barks at the TV every time Triple H is on but not any of the other wrestlers. They hyped SummerSlam, which Fallon says is the Summer version of WrestleMania. Triple H jokes that he and Shawn Michaels might make Legacy admit defeat on Twitter when they lose. He says he doesn’t know how to “Tweet or Tw*t or any of that.” The segment ended with Triple H and Jimmy Fallon fighting in the new WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 videogame.

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