RAW Report 12/7/09 Dallas, Texas

Before RAW starts this week, I have to send out my own heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and fans of Eddie ‘Umaga’ Fatu. I watched him closely since he was Jamal in 3 Minute Warning and am at a loss that he is gone from us so young. He will be missed in my home as well as many around the world.

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Justin announces Mark Cuban with all his accolades. He comes out to decent pop. He gives a cheap pop and then asks of there’s any Mav’s fans in the house. They go wild. He talks about how crazy he gets on the sidelines of a game, it’s nothing to how wild he can get ringside. He’s the guest host, large and in charge all night long. Later is a showdown. Between Sheamus and Cena! He’ll give them a chance to go face to face, toe to toe and talk smack, no holds barred. He knows what the fans came from, so let’s get the show on the road – right now!

Cena out to the ring, shakes with Cuban. Carlito out to face Cena. Cena looks amused. Bellas are in the front row in Mav’s jersey’s. Cuban over the barrier to sit with him and play the role he normally plays when in charge.

Carlito backs Cena into a corner and then stomps the heck out of Cena. Cena to the mat and Carlito on him. Kick to Cena’s face, but then Cena scoops Carlito up for an AA. Carlito wiggles out and hit’s a dropkick for two. King and Cole talk about Cuban at ringside with a number of his Mavs around him. Shoulder blocks to Carlito and then slammed to the mat. Cena sets up for the shuffle, but then Sheamus comes out. Cuban over the barrier and to the ramp. Cuban tells Sheamus to stop and head back. Sheamus continues. A big group of security out to flank him, they back Sheamus away. Carlito takes Cena down. Carlito for the back stabber but Cena reverses, hit’s the AA and gets the three.

– Winner: Cena

Cena over to see the Mavs, Bellas and Cuban before slapping hands with fans and heading off.

– Commercial

Promo for the Slammy’s, Dennis Miller to host it next week.

Orton and Legacy out to the ring. Video of the attacks on Kofi last week, followed by the match. After the match there was more abuse on Kofi. Orton says he applauds Mark Cuban and asserting authority. He has no doubt Cena and Sheamus will tear each other apart at TLC. He also thinks tonight’s showdown will end in chaos. He doesn’t care about it because of what Cuban will do for him. Cuban will lift the ban on Orton not being able to face Cena for the title. He wants to be guaranteed to face whoever wins. Cuban shakes his head no. Ted says rich people have pride, but they don’t have to be stupid. They didn’t want to have to go there, but why don’t they look at what happened last time Cuban and Orton were in the ring together. Video of SS 2003 when Orton hit the RKO on Cuban. Cuban said he thought it might go down this way. Orton’s not fighting the winner, no way! What else Cuban knows, that Orton got lucky last week against Kofi is because WWE refs are worse than NBA refs and didn’t have the guts to stop the match when the attacks happened. Cuban says he respects Orton’s a competitor and has something for him tonight. Orton’s facing Kofi tonight in a rematch. But, Cuban’s going to be the ref! he’s the guy in charge, he’s the guest host, deal with it. Cody says he can’t talk to them like that. Orton can and will hurt him. Just like the Mavs, Cuban’s all talk. Don’t they want to do something memorable in this arena, besides lose the playoffs? He knows Cuban’s dying to get involved, why not take up Cody’s challenge and get in the ring with Cody tonight. If Cody wins, Cuban lifts Orton’s ban. Ted and Cody up in Cuban’s face. Why don’t they take it up in June after the Mavs have won the finals? Right now, they have a match to go fight? Out comes Evan Bourne and Primo come out to face Legacy! Cuban mouthed something for the camera, but no clue what it was.

– Commercial

Cody on Primo, Primo elbows out. Ted tags in and they double flapjack Primo. Ted pins for two. Ted stomps Primo and bounces his face off the heel corner. Cody tags in and works Primo over. Cody stomps Primo and pins for two. Ted tags in and dropkicks Primo. Punch drops Primo. Primo hit’s a back body drop. Both tag out. The ref didn’t see Evan tag in and they double team Primo. Primo punches Cody who punches back. They seem to hit heads and both hit the mat. Cody tags out, as does Primo. A sick and fast hurricanrana on Ted. Dropkick to Cody on the apron. Clothesline to Ted and Evan climbs. Ted cut shim off, but Evan blocks the superplex. Double knees rides Ted down, Cody breaks the count. Primo rushes in and is tossed by Cody, but then Cody is pulled out. Mean streets to Evan for three.

– Winner: Legacy

They celebrate outside the ring while Cuban and Justin talk. Justin announces that Legacy will now be tossed out of the arena. Much security out to remove them. Cuban and the Mavs sing them out of the arena. Security along both sides of the ramp while the two dejected little boys sulk and scowl their ways out.

King and Cole talk about Sheamus and how they will be showing highlights of what he’s done in the WWE. They first start with how Sheamus ran roughshod over Jamie Noble and ended his career.

– Commercial

Kelly in the ring in a TINY black dress. She’s the ring announcer. Out comes Maryse in a sparkly blah colored two piece outfit. Video of Maryse destroying Melina. Gail Kim out in pale pink to face her.

Maryse pushes Kim around who then takes Maryse down hard. Forearms to Maryse. Kim catches Maryse’s foot and takes her down. Kim keeps control and rolls up Maryse for two. Maryse to sitting in a corner and Kim with a knee to her face. Bitch slap to Kim and Maryse flees. Maryse’s face into the ring apron and then a corner. Maryse kicks Kim’s leg out as she climbs. Kim falls back hard and Maryse uses the ropes to pin for three.

– Winner: Maryse

Maryse out to Kelly who grabs the mic and says close, but demands Kelly says she’s the next Diva’s Champion. Kelly pushes her off. They get into it and Melina out in ripped up black leggings and a grey and black long t-shirt to save Kelly. Maryse grins and leaves.

– Commercial

Backstage DX is decorating for the Holiday. HHH says they’re there to spread some Holiday cheer. He hits HBK’s back to get him to turn. HBK says that they will try to sell us – he goes through a list of merchandise. HHH says they’re not, it’s about giving. He says HBK’s friendship is enough. HBK has the SD! Velvet Sky RAW game. HBK is ready to play. HHH says he’s been playing his free game all week too, re-gifter. He got something for HBK that he’ll get years of enjoyment out of. Out of the huge box comes Hornswoggle wearing a DX shirt with himself added to the middle that he shows off. The back says ‘world’s littlest member’. HBK says he’s invented a new DX & Hornswoggle shirt for sale. It’s illegal but he’s doing it anyway. HHH says he got that from one grunt? HBK says it’s like when Chewie said one little grunt, Hans knew what to say. HHH says Hans was in charge, he knew when to put into hyper space. HBK says that Hans was humoring Chewie? They both decide the writing was crap and turned on the writer who fled. They then realize Hornswoggle is stealing HBK’s hat off the top of the tree. Hornswoggle takes the tree and DX down in one shot. Hornswoggle, with HBK’s hat, crotch chops and flees. HHH says it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

King and Cole talk about how they’re going to be on SKY Sports for another five years. King reads a comment from the head of SKY. They then go on to show video from MSG when Sheamus went after the crewman and the King.

Backstage, Kofi heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Promo for the Slammy Awards and Dennis Miller.

Mark Cuban is in the ring in a zebra shirt. Orton out to the ring. Cuban smirks at Orton and shows off his ref shirt smugly. Kofi out to face him.

They lock up. Kofi backs Orton into a corner. Upper cut on Orton and then he’s clotheslined from the ring. Kofi dives through the ropes and takes Orton down hard. Punches to Orton outside and then back in the ring. Orton ducks out of Kofi’s way so Kofi ate the top corner padding. Orton puts Kofi in the ropes and forearms to his chest. Kicks and stomps to Kofi on the mat. Heat on Orton who stalks Kofi. Kicks to Orton’s legs, but then scoop slam to Kofi. Knee drop on Kofi. Headlock on Kofi. “Kofi” chants. Kofi slammed back to the mat. Orton screams at Cuban who points to his shirt. More stomping on Kofi. Headlock on Kofi and Cuban watches from a distance, but actually watching closely. Kofi works his way to his feet and punches out. Forearms to Orton and then back into a corner. Cuban stepped in to get Kofi off Orton. Kofi flies back onto Orton with punches. Sick upper cut then Russian leg sweep to Orton. Kofi hits his double leg drop. Orton ducks Kofi’s finisher and hit’s a backbreaker. Orton stalks Kofi, but Kofi reverses to RKO and backslides Orton for a short three.

– Winner: Kofi

Cuban and Kofi out of the ring to avoid a pissed Orton. They show video of Cuban’s extremely quick count. Cuban grabs a mic and says he’s waited six years for revenge. Now Kofi and Orton are one on one and TLC is the rubber match. Orton is about beside himself. Kofi and Cuban slap fans hands and then they both do Kofi’s hand booms on the ramp.

Video of the Breakthrough Battle Royal where Sheamus dominated and won. Then the contract signing where Ventura set up Cena and Sheamus took advantage of it.

Backstage MVP and Henry heading for the ring. MVP in street clothes, Henry ready to face Miz.

– Commercial

US Championship Match – Miz out to defend his title. Henry out to the ring, all smiles. Miz glares. Video of Henry dominating Miz last week. Miz is intent on Henry!

Miz tries to lock on a side headlock, but is tossed to the mat. Miz tries for a sunset flip and luckily moves before Henry splats him. Kick to a sitting Henry’s head for two. Knee to Henry’s back then kick to the ribs. Knees to his back, but Henry up. A wild blow misses Miz who drops below it. Miz slams to the mat. Henry gets Miz up but rakes the eyes and pushes Henry from the ring. Miz sends Henry into the post and stairs. Henry gets a hand around Miz’s throat, but then drops him to get back in the ring. Henry still grabbing his eyes. Miz climbs but Henry catches him. Miz reverses into a DDT and pins for three.

– Winner: Miz

Miz flees the ring quickly. Henry still trying to get his wits about him. Video of Miz dropkicking on the apron to sent a standing Henry into the ring post.

Jeri-Show talking backstage.

– Commercial

Cuban and Masters talking on the outside of the barrier.

Hornswoggle and Eve out to tag. Chavo and Jillian in the ring as a team. Hornswoggle in his DX gear.

Hornswoggle rolls through Chavo and tags in Eve. Chavo has to leave and Jillian in. Chavo distracts Eve and Jillian attacks from behind. Jillian pins for two. Chavo yells to Jillian to, “beat her up Jillian, beat her up!” Eve slammed into a corner and then face first on the bat by her hair. Jillian telegraphs and kicks. Bunch of clotheslines to Jillian who is pinned for two. Jillian whipped but then Eve pushed off. Jillian cartwheels into a splash, but Eve gets her knees up. Eve flip back splashes Jillian and pins for three.

– Winners: Eve & Hornswoggle

They celebrate but Chavo grabs Hornswoggle. Eve yells at Chavo to leave Hornswoggle alone. Hornswoggle tossed off into a corner. Chavo tells Eve off and goes after Hornswoggle. Eve gets in Chavo’s way. Masters into the ring and yells at Chavo for touching Eve. Masters’ shirt comes off. They argue. “Masterlock!” chants. Finger into Masters’ chest to back him off. Chavo points at Masters. Masters starts his pec bouncing and Chavo looks at his own chest. Masters walks closer to Chavo. Chavo at Masters. Masterlock on Chavo then he’s slammed down. Masters over to Eve and asks – off mic – if he likes that. She does. He holds the ropes for her to leave. Hornswoggle stands over Chavo and moves his pecs up and down with his own hands and laughs with and for the fans.

Video of Sheamus destroying Santino.

– Commercial

Slammy Award promo, with Dennis Miller.

King and Cole in the ring. They go through the matches slated for TLC.

Jericho out to the ring for his Handicap Match. Video of HHH versus Jericho last week, HHH obviously won after Big Show was thrown out, then HBK was thrown out. “You suck” chants. Jericho has a mic and says he doesn’t because he’s the 2208 Superstar of The Year. He will be named again. He’s going to win OMG of The Year and Tag Team of The year and after this Match of The Year. DX says this is his last match on RAW, but he’s bigger than RAW and SD!. He goes where he wants and does what he wants. He’ll stay on RAW as long as he wants. At TLC DX will be bludgeoned by steel chairs, pulverized by 20 foot ladders, decimated by solid oak tables. They won’t take the titles away from Jeri-Show. They will lose and that’s a fact. He’s broken teeth, suffered concussions, but never been vanquished and never will. DX, at TLC, it’s more than a match, it’s their requiem. After they’ve been embarrassed, banished and gone for WWE forever, there will be one more catch phrase for all these hypocritical troglodytes to latch on to. That’s ‘never underestimate Chris Jericho.

– Commercial

DX’s music and they come out together. Glow sticks out to the fans. HBK just keeps pulling more and more glow sticks out of the front of his pants! Crotch chops to in ring pyro. They pose on corners. Shirts off and into the crowd.

Jericho in to face HBK. Jericho on HBK hard with kicks and punches but then runs into chops from HBK. HHH tags in and they double team punches on Jericho in their corner. Then HBK tags in and chops Jericho as HHH holds him. Kicks and stomps to Jericho. HHH puts his foot out for Jericho’s face. HHH tags in and they double team. HHH on Jericho with punches. HBK with both feet up for Jericho’s face. HBK tags in and they double team. HHH tags in and they double team. Jericho grabs a bottom rope and screams at the ref to break the hold – HHH had his foot. HHH broke it. Jericho got up pushing the ref into HHH. HBK on Jericho and Big Show runs (sort of) out. Onto the apron and head butts HBK. Into the ring Big Show on HBK. HHH in with a chair. Chair to Big Show’s back. Big Show turns and punches the chair through HHH. HBK ducks landing Big Show face first into the top turnbuckle. HBK out and grabs a ladder. As he slides it in Jericho baseball slides the ladder into HBK who flops to the floor. Big Show grabs the ladder and swings it like a bat to take out HHH and then HBK. HBK and then HHH into the ladder and Big Show holds the second half down as Jericho pounds it with a chair. Big Show rolls HHH out, HBK rolls out on his own. “DX” chants. Jericho screams at DX and then leaves for his belts. Back in and Jericho screams ‘never’ over and over. One of Big Show’s feet on HBK’s head. Jericho climbs the ladder and stands straddling the top while they both pose. Jeri-Show’s music plays. Jericho back down to yell at HHH and HBK.

– Commercial

Mark Cuban with a huge table set up in the ring and him at a podium in the middle. Cuban announces Sheamus first. Heat for Sheamus. Cuban then happily announces Cena who comes out. Sheamus glares as Cena comes out and gets in the ring. Cuban says he’ll ask three question and each will get an opportunity to answer. Nothing is off limits. He asks Sheamus why he feels he’ll win on Sunday. Sheamus says June 27, 2002 Cena made his debut. It took him three years to win his first WHC. What took him years will take Sheamus weeks. He’s never been beaten, ever. He’s obsessed with hearing Cena go through a table and will hear it again on Sunday. Cuban asks Cena who has no comment. Cuban asks Sheamus about being worried about the dangers of competing in a Tables Match. Sheamus says Cena’s not worried enough. Cena said he’s cashing in his rematch clause at TLC, if he needs to. If Cena thinks he’ll be in any condition to do that after Sheamus is done with him, he’s dumber than Sheamus thought. Cuban asks Cena, but Sheamus’s not finished. She said the best case scenario is Cena loses. Worst he will go through a table twice and watch his backbone shatter. He’s never faced anyone like Sheamus. His title, health, state of mind, he’ll lose everything. Cena looks pissed as he whips the mic out to talk. “Cena” chants from women and children. Then Cena says no comment. Cuban then says the time will be over to talk at TLC, is there anything you’d like to say. Sheamus jumped in, but Cena cut him off with a question for Sheamus. Sheamus glares. Cena couldn’t help but notice Sheamus talks a lot and can only hope he believes what he’s saying. 2002, Cena’s been there for seven years. Cena nods at this thought. Seven years he’s faced champions, to number one contenders to up starts to one hit wonders to future hall of famers! He’s faced everyone from HBK to K-Fed. All of them like Sheamus. Never once has Cena looked for a fight, they’ve all made Cena the target. He’s always been the man to beat to become the Champion or put your name on the map. A lot of times he was the mat to beat because they wanted to wipe the smile off his face. Cena smiled at him. A lot of guys like Sheamus said they’d end his career, take his title and Cena’d never be the same. Seven years, he’s been beaten, battered, hospitalized, been operated on, smashed with chairs, put through glass, kicked in the skull, in arenas where thousands of people stand behind him – cheers from women and children – been in arenas where people can’t stand him – huge heat from the men. In seven years he’s never given up. He believes in everything he says. He knows he’s on another level. He believes in hustle, loyalty and respect. He believes he earned the right to say – The Champ Is Here! It’s Sheamus who better believe in what he says because in seven years one cheap shot and one smash through the table won’t slow him down one bit. Sheamus’s looking at 250lbs of problem he’s made very, very angry. Sheamus glares. Cena says Mr. Cuban is right, at TLC the time for talking is over. It’s simple either back up what you say or Cena’s the one who makes him a footnote in WWE history! Let this sink in, Sheamus impresses him. But not for one second does he intimidate Cena. Sheamus flips his table in fury. Cena grabs his chair and throws it out toward the ramp. Cuban who had been behind Cena moves quickly. Cena flips his table and the podium. Cuban gets between the two men. Sheamus pushes Cuban to the mat. Cena turns to check on Cuban and gets a boot to the head. Both are lolling on the mat as Sheamus throws his own chair out and starts clearing the ring of stuff. Video of Sheamus’ attacks. He’s still moving things in the ring. Video of the kick to Cena’s head. Sheamus set a table into the corner. Another kick to Cena’s head. Cuban starting to get up a bit, using the ropes. “Cuban” chants. Cuban looks at Sheamus and bows up, right in his face. The old man pushes Sheamus down. Sheamus on the mat looks up at Cuban in shock. Sheamus to his feet slowly as Cuban’s still bowed up. Sheamus glares, really pissed. Sheamus approaches Cuban slowly. Knee to Cuban’s gut/groin (doesn’t touch much, very carefully). But then Sheamus gets Cuban up the way he had Santino last week. Sheamus slams Cuban through the table for HUGE heat. He protected Cuban well, but the man took much of a hit. Sheamus yells that he’s the new WWE Champion. A couple of Mavs go over the barrier. Sheamus leaves the ring and backs up the ramp screaming he’s the new WWE Champion. A couple of the Mavs have smiles on their faces as they bow up at Sheamus. Video of the attacks on Cena and Cuban. Cena over to check on Cuban and then to his feet glaring at Sheamus while people roll Cuban over to check on him. Sheamus starts stepping toward the ring and off comes Cena’s shirt. Sheamus backs up on the stage, wanting none of that.

Biggest pop
Mark Cuban / Mavericks

Biggest heat
Orton / Legacy

I do have to say I’m very unimpressed that WWE didn’t say a word about the passing of Eddie ‘Umaga’ Fatu. They easily could have put something together, yet didn’t. Not cool!