RAW Report 3/16/09 San Antonio, Texas

RAW this week starts with a video of Vicki in the ring with Edge and Show last week for the contract signing. Cena came out and Vicki said Cena’s competing in the Title Match at WM. Cena then said he loved Vicki. He went on and on about this, freaking Edge out. Finally Cena cracked and said he didn’t love Vicki, but he did tell Vicki he knew something. He showed the video of Vicki and Show kissing and being sweet on each other while Edge was in the shower. Everyone in the ring freaked out.

King and Cole announce a match between Cena and Edge tonight with Vicki as the Special Guest Ref. Also, an update on HHH and will Flair return to the ring to face Jericho? We’ll find out later!

HBK out to the ring in wrestling gear. HBK’s threw his hat to the fans and he posed in the ring until… GONG! Out to the ring comes Taker! Taker took a long time getting in the ring, seemed longer than normal as he stopped to stare down HBK. Taker enters the ring and stares down HBK again before removing his coat and then again before removing his hat. JBL’s music and he comes out sans limo. Kozlov is the last to the ring. He and JBL entered together.

Taker went to the apron for HBK to start with Kozlov. Kozlov tossed HBK off like he was a rag. HBK turned to Taker and then dove at Kozlov. Kozlov got HBK up, but HBK got down and scurried to Taker and tagged out. Big boot and then a clothesline to Kozlov. Clothesline to Kozlov over the top and out. HBK and Taker stare some more.

– Commercial

HBK tags in and chops away at JBL. Flying forearm to JBL and HBK nipped up. Scoop slam to JBL. HBK climbs and hits his flying elbow. Tunes up the band, but Kozlov rushed him on the apron. HBK ducked the clothesline but ran into JBL’s big boot. Kozlov tagged in and HBK is backed into a corner with punches. Belly to belly from Kozlov for two. JBL tags in and kicks and punches HBK in the heel corner. Big clothesline to HBK for two. Kozlov tags in. JBL holds HBK while Kozlov throws punches to his gut. Bear hug to HBK from Kozlov. Taker is pacing the apron. HBK fights out of the hold. Kozlov grabs HBK around the neck but HBK reverses into a DDT! Both men are down. JBL and Taker both tag in. Taker in control. JBL is whipped and than Taker slams into him. Same thing in the opposite corner. Old school to JBL then a cheap shot to Kozlov. Taker gets JBL up and then snake eyes. JBL slammed down and then leg drop from Taker. HBK takes a blind tag! Sweet chin music and three on JBL!

– Winners: HBK & Taker

HBK flees the ring area and up the ramp with Taker on his tail. Top of the ramp Taker stops and looks over his shoulder. HBK is suddenly there and hits sweet chin music on Taker! Taker is down, HBK is pumped and the fans are split. Taker is lolling on the top of the ramp.

– Commercial

Video of HBK stealing the win from Taker. Then HBK bolted but managed to hit sweet chin music on Taker.

Vicki out back and Edge came into her office. She said she doesn’t know what to say and hasn’t talked to him in a week. Edge says he’s had a week to think about this and has something to tell her. He forgives her. Vicki is shocked. She said Big Show forced himself on her. His hands are so big, he’s so overpowering and he’s so big. Edge says Big Show doesn’t love her, he just used her for his career. Big Show is nothing but a home wrecker and will pay. But what they have is real. Edge says he doesn’t blame Big Show. He blames Cena. It wouldn’t bother Edge if he didn’t know. Cena tried to ruin her life. Vicki said if Cena lays one finger on her tonight, he out of the match at WM. Edge says no one can take away what they have. Vicki says she hopes he wins at WM. They then almost suck face, but just hug. Edge has an evil smirk on his face.

Video of Orton last week via satellite. They asked him why he violated his own stipulation. Orton said he held back. Orton got mad that they implied he was avoiding HHH. Ted and Cody were supposed to face HHH, but he didn’t show up when his music played. They won the match due to forfeit. Orton was pissed and figured HHH wouldn’t show at WM. The doorbell rang (louder on this video than it rang last week). Samantha answered, sort of, but HHH came through with his sledge. He stalked Orton through the house until Orton attacked him from behind. Orton ended getting tossed through a front window. HHH followed him out, kept beating on him and was then arrested. HHH didn’t fight the cops at all, but Orton attacked HHH while he was cuffed.

King and Cole say HHH posted bail but Orton isn’t pressing charges. HHH faces Cody tonight.

Grisham out back with Orton, Cody and Ted. Grisham asks why Orton dropped charges. Orton says HHH is a homicidal maniac. He tormented the neighborhood and traumatized his wife. He could have gone to prison and paid his debt to society, but not to Orton. Rather than a court of law dealing with HHH, Orton’s going to deal with him. At WM it will be Orton’s law. He will pass sentence on HHH when he becomes WWE Champion.

Layla, Jillian, Beth, Rosa and Santino come down to the ring.

– Commercial

Jillian, Beth and Layla will face off in a Six Diva Match. Santino is at announce. Kelly comes out in pink and black. Mickie bounces out in orange and navy. Melina out in leopard print.

Mickie and Beth start off. Mickie is flung into a corner but comes back with kicks and a cheap shot to Jillian who went after her from the apron. Snake eyes for Mickie. Snap mare to Mickie for two. Headlock to Mickie who gets out but runs into a shoulder block. Elbow from to Mickie. Melina tags in and completely misses a dropkick that looked worse than bad! Melina off a corner took Beth down but Beth came back with a back breaker. Mickie came in but was taken out by her foot. Santino tried to get involved but Mickie fights back against Jillian. Kelly came to help. Mickie got back on the apron and with Santino’s distraction Melina rolled Beth up for three.

– Winners: Melina, Kelly, Mickie

Video for Cena’s new movie.

– Commercial

WM promo. WM25 is in 20 days!

HHH’s music and he comes out to the ring looking even more pissed off. Priceless music and Cody comes out by himself! Then Orton’s music and he comes out with Ted in tow. They stay on the stage.

Cody attacks HHH, but Cody is quickly tossed around and then out of the ring. Into the steps and then face first off the apron. Cody gets tossed across the announce table then back in the ring. Ted and Orton head for the ring. HHH grabs his sledge from under the ring and taunts them. HHH drops the sledge, hits a pedigree on Cody and then grabs his sledge again. HHH calls for something, then a cage starts lowering. HHH chases them up the ramp with the sledge. HHH quickly rolls back in just before it lands. Orton and Ted run down, but can’t get there in time. The door in chained shut. The bell rings as the match just starts now! Orton starts climbing but HHH throws Cody into the cage and knocks Orton off. Same thing happens to Ted. Again to Orton and then again to Ted. In between he beats on Cody. Orton and HHH eye to eye through the cage while HHH holds his sledge. Orton climbs and HHH hits the cage with the sledge to knock him off. He tells Orton to watch closely and HHH hits Cody with a hand covered head of the sledge. HHH covers for three.

– Winner: HHH

HHH stares through the cage almost nose to nose with Orton. HHH then uses the ropes to get on top of the cage and sit up there. HHH counts off something to Orton as he holds his sledge, then over his shoulder. Video of HHH signaling for the cage and then beating the hell out of Cody in the cage. Orton just glares up at hh who poses up there with his sledge. HHH then back in the ring standing over Cody with the sledge.

– Commercial

Limo out back – earlier – Flair got out of the limo in a beautiful suit.

Rey comes out to the ring, limping slightly, in gold and black. Dolph (I have too orange of a chest due to fake tan) Ziggler is in the ring waiting for him.

Dolph gains the upper hand and hits a number of elbow drops for two. Dolph talks smack and locks on a full nelson. “619″ chants. Dolph whips Rey around in the hold. Jaw breaker. Rey kicks Dolph in the head while still laying on the mat. Dolph rushes Rey but Rey moves and Dolph eats the ring post. Seated senton then a 619 to Dolph. Rey climbs and hits a splash for three.

– Winner: Rey

– Commercial

Jericho comes out to the ring in wrestling gear. Video of Jericho attacking Piper, then Steamboat and finally Snuka. Huge heat from the fans. He said thanks to Flair’s interference last week, Jericho’s not going to WM. His chance at immortality was taken. So he challenged Flair to come out of retirement for one night. He knows Flair can’t stay on the sidelines. He’s been waiting to come out of retirement for a year. To beat the man you have to beat the man. But Flair’s not the man, he’s a joke. “You suck” chants. He’s giving Flair what he wants, a chance to bask in the adulation of these hypocrites. This is what Flair’s been waiting for since his grandiose retirement ceremony where he got that gold Rolex. He demands Flair come out for his chance at immortality. Flair’s music and Flair comes out still in his suit and tie. Flair tells Jericho that he knows he can beat him, he’s officially retired as an active competitor. Make no mistake, he will always be the man! However he will not tarnish that great retirement and send off given to him a year ago. He won’t let his peers and people down who made it the greatest night of his career. He can’t wrestle him, be he’s found some men who can. Jimmy “Superfly’ Snuka’s music hits and he comes out in stretchy clothes. Steamboat’s music and he comes out in dress pants and button down shirt. Piper’s music and he comes out in kilt and T-shirt. The four of them walk down the ramp abreast. One to each side of the ring! The back of Piper’s shirt reads ‘Old School Is Cool’! They get up on the apron in unison, then in the ring. One on each side. They surround him. Jericho tried to run but Steamboat grabbed his leg and the other two jumped on him with punches! Flair left the ring when this all started. Jericho got out of the ring and away from the three, but Flair cold cocked him. Jericho hit the floor, crawled a bit up the ramp and then fled holding his jaw while the fans went wild!

WM15, March 28, 1999 – Pete Rose dressed as the Chicken attacked Kane but ate a tombstone. Bart Gun faced off in a boxing match with Butterbean. Butterbean knocked him out in the first round. Vince went crazy and bought the Rock. Austin came in to take him down. They fought all over the arena. Stunner to Rock and Austin won! Austin then stunned Vince! Austin then dumped beer all over Vince in the ring.

– Commercial

Jericho out back is approached by Grisham. Jericho said these legends are desperate, shameless parasites. Grisham says he knows Jericho’s embarrassed. Jericho said he’s not embarrassed, he was attacked by four men. He’s going to teach them about embarrassment. He challenged the three to a match at WM. He wants Flair there in their corner so Flair knows the pain is on their head. Oh, and he’s buying a front row seat for Rourke so he can see what happens to his friends. This ending will be tragic as he puts all of Rourke’s friends out of their misery.

Finlay, Hornswoggle and Christian are at announce. Shelton and Kofi are in the ring. Shelton tags in Henry as Christian translates for Horney. Henry beats Kofi down in a corner. Kofi tries to fight back and gets a foot up, but MVP tags in and hitsa dropkick on Henry. Kane tags in and beats down MVP in a corner. Kane whips MVP but then a drop toe hold to Kane in the corner. All the faces and hells rush in and they argue. Punk points up at the briefcase.

– Commercial

Kofi is bent over Kane’s knee in the center of the ring. During the commercial Kofi ate Kane’s big boot. Side slam to Kofi for two. Shelton tags in. Big punch to Kofi. Shelton stomps Kofi. Belly to belly from Shelton. Christian talks about how great it would be to win. Horney hugs King’s crown and taunts Christian. Abdominal stretch to Kofi. Het gets out and tags in Punk. Swinging neck breaker to Shelton. High knee in a corner to Shelton the slammed down but Kane breaks the cover. Kofi rushes in and takes Kane over the top. MVP sends Henry out over the top. GTS to Shelton for three.

– Winners: MVP, Kofi & Punk

They celebrate in the ring and look up at the briefcase.

More video about Cena’s new movie.

Vicki out back demands to know what Big Show is doing there. He says he can’t believe she’d believe Edge. She says he used her to get into the WM Match. He said that she pursued him. He’s anatomically superior to Edge. She says Edge is telling her one thing and he’s tell her another. Big Show says Edge is doing what he accused Big Show of doing, but took it a step further by marrying her. Edge doesn’t love her, Big Show does. He kissed her tenderly and then left her confused.

– Commercial

Video of HBK stealing the match from Taker and then taking Taker down at the top of the ramp.

King and Cole go through the matches slated for WM.

Video of HHH calling down the cage and taking apart Cody by slamming him into the cage to knock Orton and Ted off the outside. HHH won and taunted Orton.

Out back Grisham asked HHH how he got Vicki to cooperate with him by lowering the cage. He didn’t answer, threw his stuff in the back of an SUV, then climbed in the driver’s seat. In the passenger’s seat was Steph with a smile on her face. They drove away without saying a word to Grisham.

Vicki to the ring in her zebra shirt and to lots of heat.

– Commercial

Edge comes out to the ring and Vicki claps for him. Cena comes out to face him.

They lock up and a side headlock on Cena. “Cena” chants. Cena gets out but then a huge punch from Edge drops him. Cena backed into a corner, then slammed face first into another corner. Suplex to Edge but Vicki doesn’t move. She twiddles her thumbs at him. Cena looks at her and Edge comes at him. Edge stomps Cena’s back. Cena sent over the top and out. Looked like he was going to get the apron but missed and hit hard out there. Edge follows him out and bounces Cena’s head off the announce table. Cena is thrown so hard into the steps the top section flies off. Edge gets back in the ring and poses to huge heat. Edge goes out, pushes Cena into the ring. Edge sets Cena up for the spear but Cena moves. A couple shoulder blocks then a slam on Edge. Cena smirks at Vicki. He does his ‘you can’t see me’ to Vicki. Before the five knuckle can be hit, Vicki lays on top of Edge’s prone body. Cena shakes his head. She gets off him and Cena’s hits it. Cena gets Edge up for the AA, but Vicki pulls Edge off Cena’s shoulders. Cena locks on the STF. Vickie kneels next to them and locks a similar hold onto Cena! It’s sort of a half assed crossface! Big Show’s music starts! Everybody lets go of their holds as Big Show stomps out. Edge is down and Cena is ready. Cena attacks with punches. Edge attacks from behind. Big Show hits a head butt on Cena. They work together and lock Cena up in the ropes! Cena looks nervous. Spear to Cena in the ropes. Vicki bitch slaps Cena a couple times. A couple punches from Big Show onto Cena. They Edge spears Big Show to the mat. Edge poses while Big Show is down and Cena’s still tied up in the ropes. Vicki is standing back not doing anything.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat