RAWActive Features, Nash Tweets About RAW 1,000, What's Next For Slater

– Kevin Nash tweeted the following about Monday’s RAW 1,000:

“Creative, good job. Exciting countout finish. Glad Phil kept the strap. The belt means something. Again.”

– Following the likely conclusion of his legends storyline at RAW 1,000, Heath Slater tweeted after RAW that he now has his sights set on Santino Marella’s Uintes States championship.

– Monday’s RAW featured several interactive features (Charlie Sheen via Skype, #AJIDo/#AJIDont, WWE ’13 dream match, etc.) however – what we saw on RAW was not the complete #RAWActive interactive features that are planned.

Monday’s RAW was more a celebration of the first thousand episodes of RAW and less about the new era of RAW, which will be 3-hour shows with fans voting on match stipulations and other storyline developments.

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