Reason RVD Has Yet To Start A Feud In WWE, Total Divas Preview For Tonight

-According to reports, one potential reason Rob Van Dam has had random matches on television upon returning to WWE, as opposed to being locked into an actual feud with one specific wrestler, is because of the terms of his new WWE contract.

Van Dam’s current deal with WWE calls for him to work for 90 days before taking an unspecified amount of time off, before returning back to action for the company.

-The following is the official preview for the third episode of WWE Total Divas, which airs on Sunday night at 10pm on the E! cable channel:

“Naomi and Jon Uso come face-to-face in the ring. JoJo ends up giving her boyfriend an ultimatum. Nikki disagrees with Brie’s decision to move to Phoenix.”

WWE Total Divas Spoilers

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