Renee Young Wants To Co-Host "Talking Smack" With Paige

Now that Paige has retired from her in-ring career, WWE has repackaged her as the new SmackDown Live General Manager.

Because of her limitations, a lot of opportunities open up for Paige that might not have been available to her previously. Among them are hosting gigs, as one fan pointed out on social media recently.

Glenn Rubenstein of the Wrestling Inc Podcast took to social media to share his enthusiasm over the possibility of WWE bringing back the “Talking Smack” post-show on Tuesday nights, with Paige co-hosting alongside former host Renee Young.

The role used to feature Daniel Bryan, who was in the same spot Paige is in now, becoming the SmackDown Live General Manager when forced to retire from in-ring competition.

One half the equation is equally enthusiastic about the possibility, as Renee Young responded to the aforementioned tweet from Rubenstein to express her desire to do the show again with Paige.

Check out the Twitter exchange between Glenn Rubenstein and Renee Young regarding “Talking Smack” below. Join the campaign to bring back the “Talking Smack” weekly post-show on social media with the hashtag “#BRINGBACKTALKINGSMACK.”

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