Rey Mysterio Talks About His "Disappointing" WWE Title Run & Jobbing As Champ


Former World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio is speaking out for the first time about what he calls his “disappointing” title run in 2006.

Rey won the belt at WrestleMania 22 in April and only held it until July’s Great American Bash PPV. During his short reign on top, he was defeated in several non-title matches by Great Khali, Mark Henry, Rob Van Dam and others.

Mysterio tells The Sun, “Now I go back and reflect on it, when I don’t have the title, I think that things could have been handled a different way. Unfortunately I was the champion that lost more times holding the title.”

The former champ is optimistic that another WWE title run could be in his future and thinks next time can be better. “If that opportunity comes again I know what to aim at and try to perfect, that I didn’t do throughout those three months, and make it better. There is more to Rey Mysterio. I think I can give a lot more. I need to hold onto that opportunity and not let it go.”

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