Rock Reveals Why He Wasn't at WrestleMania; Update on WWE's Gorgeous George Movie

Thanks to reader and WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet for sending this in:

Hope you’re having a great weekend! I chatted with The Rock last night at the World Premiere of BAYWATCH on Miami Beach. Of course I took the opportunity to talk a little wrestling with him. He explained why he wasn’t at WrestleMania 33 and also talked about how the improvisational skills he learned in WWE helped him create R rated jokes for BAYWATCH.

Why The Rock wasn’t at WrestleMania 33:
“No I didn’t get a chance to, I was shooting at that time. We were just wrapping up Ballers in LA so I didn’t get a chance to make it.”

Did his improvisational skills from WWE help him push the envelope on BAYWATCH?
“1000%. That was the fun part of this movie. We wanted to make sure that we nailed the tone we also wanted to make sure that we took advantage of the rated R platform. If you’ve seen the movie, there’s a lot of things that are very funny and they’re clearly rated R.”

Here’s an interesting wrestling tidbit for you. I was in Italy last week for an interview with Josh Gad and I asked him about the Gorgeous George movie that he’s been working on for WWE Studios. He gave me an update saying the script was just completed and that the film should be released next year.

An update on the Gorgeous George movie for WWE Studios:

“We actually just handed in a draft to WWE. It is one of these extraordinary stories that a lot of people don’t know about. Gorgeous George was in many ways the influence for people like Muhammad Ali and for what became WWF and then WWE. He brought villainy to center stage in the world of wrestling and in a way established what we now know as the character performance art that becomes a lot of the world of wrestling.”

When we can see it:

“Hopefully in the next year. We’ll see.”